10 Beauty Products Toxic for Cats

Humans have the need to stay hygienic and the desire to look pretty. That’s totally understandable but it’s important that pet owners won’t risk their furry friends just to be beautiful; by this, we mean that people should be extra careful not to expose beauty products that are toxic for cats or dogs and other pets to keep these helpless and curious creatures safe.

beauty products toxic for cats

Body Soaps

These products contain anionic and non-ionic detergents which are toxic for cats. If a kitty ingests even bits of these, it can cause stomach problems and result to vomiting and diarrhea.

Toothpaste and Mouthwash

Toothpaste contain sodium fluoride which is harmful for pets. This ingredient may be great in maintaining human teeth but it is toxic for cats. Should you want to brush your pet’s teeth, remember to use pet-friendly ones. As for mouthwashes, it supposedly contains xylitol which is safe for people but can be dangerous for pets.

Tea Tree Oil and other Essential Oil

Many beauty products contain tea tree oil as it has antiseptic properties. Reportedly, cats exposed to this especially those that ingest the product can easily get poisoned. The same goes for essential oils. Naturally, these are not intended for kitty but accidents do happen especially when pet owners tend to overlook where they place these kinds of products.

beauty products toxic for cats

Hair Growth Products

Hair growth products are fatal to cats. These products contain an ingredient called minoxidil which can cause cardiac problems and heart failure when ingested.

Nail Polish and Nail Polish Remover

Nail polishes contain ingredients called toluene and formaldehyde which are intended for topical application. Meanwhile, nail polish removers contain acetone which is a type of chemical solvent that is highly flammable and dangerous when inhaled in high concentration. These two things that keep your nails look pretty can be fatal to your feline friend.


Deodorants keep people hygienic but it contains aluminum that is also toxic to cats. A pet that licks or ingests a small amount can experience stomach upset resulting to vomiting for its initial symptoms.

beauty products toxic for cats

Hand Sanitizers

Hand sanitizers are great in keeping people hygienic and healthy. This is due to its large amount of isopropyl alcohol. Like acetone, this ingredient is also a volatile substance which if inhaled can risk you and your pets with aspiration pneumonia. For cats that ingest even a small amount of this product, their gastrointestinal tract can get highly irritated.

Hair Mousse

This beauty product contain many ingredients toxic for cats. Hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, acetic acid and aluminum sulfate are among the most dangerous components that can cause tissue damage when ingested or absorbed through your cat’s skin. It is highly advised for cat owners to take your pet to the nearest vet office as soon as there are evidences that a pet was exposed to this product.

Curling Irons and Hair Straighteners

Apart from ingestible products, curling irons and hair straighteners that help beautify people can be extremely dangerous for pets. These devices can reach very high temperatures that can easily singe pet hair or burn their skin. So it’s vital that those who use these keep their cats away when in use or even after use. Often, the heat won’t diffuse immediately so keep you curious kitty away.

Tweezers, Razors, and Scissors

You cut, tweak, and shave either your hair, clothes, etc. Cats that love to run around and paw things around can get punctured with these objects. So, be sure to keep these tools out of reach and out of sight.

It’s great to stay clean, smell fresh and look beautiful. Pets won’t necessarily ingest these products out of hunger but boredom and curiosity might especially when they see their humans interacting with these products. So, always make sure that the products you use are stored safely away from curious calicos.

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