5 Cat Breeds You Can Easily Train

If you’re a cat lover, you may have seen plenty of videos of cats doing funny and silly things. Some of those cat videos however feature felines with amazing abilities doing some awesome tricks. Now, if you’re wishing to do the same with your kitty or wish to have a feline buddy that can do the same, check out this list of cat breeds that you can easily train.

easy-to-train cat breeds

Japanese Bobtail

One of the qualifying factors that make a cat easy to train is a high energy level. This easily puts Japanese Bobtails in the picture. These cats have great energy and love attention so hours of training can be an appealing activity for them. Moreover, these are smart felines so their ‘hoomans’ will have no problem teaching them tricks.

abyssinian easy-to-train cat breeds


Among the cat breeds one can easily train is the Abyssinian. These cats love interacting with their family and will thrive in an active household. Being outgoing, affectionate and intelligent, training sessions will make for an enjoyable activity for both trainer and an Abyssinian kitty.

american shorthair easy-to-train cat breeds

American Shorthair

Unlike the two active cats above, American Shorthairs have a more calm demeanor. This feline breed’s character makes them ideal for a reward-induced activity. With their mild character, it’s easier to get them to focus in trainings. Giving positive reinforcements also works like magic when training these cats.

bengal easy-to-train cat breeds


Bengals are not only attractive kitties but also very interactive. They will thrive from spending a lot of time with their human so teaching them to do tricks will be easier. And since these cats are very playful, training them in a play-like manner will reap better and faster benefits.

easy-to-train cat breeds


Among the popular cat breeds are Siamese cats. They are very curious and quite clingy; this can be quite burdensome at times but it’s perfect if you’re wanting to train them. Also, Siamese cats are really clever so they can  learn some tricks on their own just by observing their human. Some examples would be turning the faucet on and opening cabinets or doors.


These are the top 5 easy-to-train cat breeds. However, if a human trainer is not patient enough and are not well-versed in training cats then it may take even these felines some time to learn a trick. Meanwhile, cats of other breeds trained with positive reinforcement and consistent effort can learn faster than these cats. What we intend to say is that all cats can be trained as long as the human trainer has the right attitude for it and assessed what’s best for a kitty depending on its character. These 5 felines just have the advantage having as their character suits training practices.

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