Pros and Cons of Adopting a Kitten

Are you considering adopting a feline buddy? Are you wondering whether you should get a cat or a kitten? Both would be a great choice of course but there are definitely advantages and disadvantages between the choices. In this article, we focus on pros and cons of adopting a kitten to help would-be cat parents know if this option is purrfect for them.

pros and cons of adopting a kitten

Perks of Adopting a Kitten

  • First and foremost, kittens are adorable. They are the incarnation of cuteness that can fill your heart with delight. This is why adopting a cat during its kitten days is a popular choice made by many would-be cat owners.
  • If you’re looking for a cat that you can be with for a long time, adopting a kitten is definitely the choice. You can bond with your kitty for more or less 12 years which is the average lifespan of cats.
  • Kittens will have genes and personality traits inherited from their parents. So, while you can’t interpret their character early on, a cat owner’s upbringing can become a big influence on their kitty’s ‘cattitude.’

Disadvantages of Adopting a Kitten

  • Kittens are babies, toddlers and children version of cats. Like humans at these ages, they make big messes. When kittens play, eat or do their business, there are many things that will need cleaning. So, if you’re not ready for this parenting commitment, adopting a kitten may not be the right choice.
  • Training and socializing with kittens need a huge amount of time. They can be needy and clingy; wanting to play and spend time with you is natural. If you don’t have enough time to invest, don’t adopt a kitten. You may influence your kitty to become aloof or a cat that gets in trouble for craving attention.
  • If you’re looking for a feline companion with a particular character, whether it’s being laid-back or active, adopting a cat will give you higher chances of getting the right kitty. Since kittens are still growing up, their characters aren’t fully developed yet. While your training can influence this, there’s a chance that their personality may clash with your expectations.

Is Adopting a Kitten Right For You?

It is advised for would-be cat owners that when adopting a kitten, getting a companion kitty is best. This is to keep the high levels of energy of a kitten paired and spent well with a level of energy that matches his or hers. However, if a cat parent just stays home and is able to play well and invest long hours to keep a kitten company then there will be no problem. And while you’re prepared and able to live through the disadvantages of having a kitten, thanks to their high dose of cuteness, hopefully you can give the same amount of love and patience when they grow up and become cats. It’s going to be a huge commitment but you can expect great rewards of having a kitten or cat to love and get love from in your life. 

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