Top 7 Cat-Friendly Dog Breeds to Adopt

For a household with animal-loving owners, it can be hard to refrain from adopting a dog and getting in trouble with territorial cats. Luckily, there are cat and dog breeds with higher tolerance for species unlike their own. Here we’ll feature 7 adorable and cat-friendly dog breeds fit for a feline household.

cat-friendly dog breeds


Having the size of a cat and ears like a butterfly, Papillons are among the cutest cat-friendly canine breeds. Their size won’t intimidate cats and their curious nature can make them a good pair for curious felines. Papillon dogs are great for households with kids and cats.

cat-friendly dog breeds

Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever are among the friendliest dog breeds. They are gentle giants that won’t annoy or become overbearing for cats. So, despite this dog’s huge size they don’t have the big rough attitude that will intimidate or harass a cat’s space.


Pugs are friendly and affectionate but are known to be stubborn. This stubbornness can match a cat’s and won’t be a problem since it can keep the two respect and keep away from each other’s space. Pugs are also docile so they can handle and react calmly to quirks of naughty cats.

Labrador Retriever

Another gentle giant that can tolerate or even interact well with cats are Labrador Retrievers. This dog can be quite playful though so it’s important that they’re introduced to cats properly before leaving them on their own.


Dog breeds that are not suitable for households with cats are those with high prey drive that are bred for hunting. While Beagles fit this description, they don’t necessarily belong to these unfit dog breeds for cats. The reason is they’re friendly, intelligent hunters that can differentiate friends, foes and preys. So, when properly introduced to your household cat, they can be the friendliest companion.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Known as sporting toy breeds, Cavaliers come in small sizes and are also a great match for households with cats. They supposedly have a penchant for small creatures which include felines. Being sweet-natured, this dog will not have problems in getting along with a cat.

Basset Hound

Droopy long ears, short legs and soulful eyes, Basset Hounds are also among the most cat-friendly dog breeds. They have a laid-back attitude which makes them highly tolerable to other furry friends in the household.

Cats are very territorial creatures so while these are among the most cat-friendly dog breeds, your feline buddy may put these dogs’ temperament to test. Hence, it is vital that households wanting to adopt both cat and dog give each animal their own spaces in the house. It’s important that they can get used to the sounds and scents of each other first to avoid messy scenarios later.

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