7 Beautiful White Cat Breeds

Many will agree with the statement that white cats are gorgeous. There’s something alluring about snow white felines that many animal or cat lovers like about these cats. If you’re among those that wish to see and adopt white cats, here are the best 7 cat breeds that have white coat.

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Turkish Angora

An ancient natural breed that’s discovered in the 15th century, Turkish Angoras are classic white beauties. These cats do come in different colors and patterns but they’re often thought as pure white felines. Even when you search about this cat breed, most of the images feature white angoras.

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One of the most popular cat breeds is Siamese. Most of Siamese kittens are born white and later develop darker colors as they grow. This is called point coloration wherein cats have darker colors in the cold parts of their body while warmer areas have light, creamish or white color. However, breeders have produced more pure white Siamese cats through the years.


Persian cats are adored for their round heads and short muzzles that give them their frowny looks. These are popular long-haired cats that also come in pure white coats.

Turkish Van

Turkish Vans are distinguished by their van pattern of colorization; only the head and tails are colored. Supposedly, this cat breed descended from an all-white Van cats found near Lake Van in Turkey. This history is not far-fetched as Turkish Van cats are known as “swimming cats” due to their love of water. Now, most Turkish Vans have van patterns that make them not all white cats however there are some whose colorings are too little or too faint to notice.


Ragdolls are also among the best white cat breeds. When held, these adorable felines melt in your arms much like ragdolls hence the name. Like Siamese cats, they are known for having point colors on their bodies but they are mostly white.

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Cornish Rex

Cornish Rex cats are known for their large ears and curly coat. They come in a variety of colors but also include pure white or white mixed with small patches of other color.

Russian White

As the breed’s name implies, Russian white are cats known for their beautiful white fur. This cat came from crossbreeding Russian blue to a white Siberian cat that has no clear proof of pedigree. Russian whites have the dense, plush, soft coat of Russian blues but come in snow white color or lack of color.

These are the best 7 white cat breeds we’d like to share for fellow cat lovers and white cat enthusiasts. It must be noted that all-white cats or almost all white felines aren’t necessarily linked to specific breeds. Instead, there is a higher likelihood that compared to others, these breeds are more known to produce beautiful white cats.

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