Fact Bites: 10 Answers to Most-Asked Questions About Solid White Cats

White cats are beautiful creatures and there are many questions surrounding their existence.  To help shed light and correct a few confusions regarding these felines, we answer some of the most-searched questions about white cats. Note that this is about solid white cats which are felines with no mix or any patches present on their coats.

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10: Are white cats expensive?

Buying white cats is expensive especially if you’re after a quality purebred kitten or cat. These cats are considered to be quite rare due to their genetic makeup responsible for their white color. Add in the breed of the cat, then yes, it can be quite costly to get a white cat. If you’re lucky to see one in a shelter, that will be relatively cheaper.

9: Are solid white cats albino?

The white cats you see may be albino cats but not all. It’s easy to differentiate an albino feline to a white kitty. Albino cats have pinkish or a mix of pink and blue kind of eyes where the pink is not actually a color but a trick of the light reflecting back blood vessels of the eyes. So, are all solid white cats albino? No. Check the eyes first. Are albino cats white? Yes.

8: Are white cats hypoallergenic?

White cats may look like neat furry angels but not all are safe for allergic people. Being hypoallergenic has more to do with a cat’s breed than its coat color.

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7: Are white cats more prone to cancer?

Unfortunately, yes, white cats are more prone to cancer. White felines are more prone to skin cancer as they lack the protective pigment colored cats have. As such, these kitties can’t tolerate and shouldn’t be exposed to sunlight often.

6: Are solid white cats with blue eyes blind?

People may have mistook blindness to deafness as white cats have completely normal eyesight. These kitties are known for their high risk of deafness especially those with one or two blue eyes. However, their eyes and eyesight are normal.

5: Are white cats mean/aggressive?

There is a preconceived idea supported by a few studies indicating solid white cats tend to be more vocal and aggressive. However, there are also others that claim white cats are among the most friendly or calm felines. For us, we believe that it’s still more on the individual cat’s unique personality driven by its environment than the genes responsible for coat color that makes a kitty quite hissy and mean.

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4: Are white cats always female?

Aside from solid orange cats and calico kitties, almost all other cats have no indication if one sex is more than the other.

3: Are white cats rare?

Yes, white cats are rare. They make up a tiny percentage of the house cat population with a reported estimate of only 5%. Some even claim that these felines are as few as only 2%. Besides the percentage, it is indeed true that it’s hard to spot a solid white cat compared to other cats with color.

2: Are white cats lucky?

White cats are frequently associated with purity, spirituality, happiness and good fortune compared to their opposite, black cats. These interpretations and superstitions vary from one place to another though. It’s completely up to a person to decide if white cats are lucky or not. For us, all cats are lucky!

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1: Are white cats deaf?

Studies have shown that solid white cats with two blue eyes have 65% to 85% chance of being deaf. If a white cat has only one blue eye, there’s about 40% chance of hearing loss. This is reportedly due to the lack of melanin-producing cells responsible for the color of eyes and skin and the cell layer in the inner ear of cats. Without these cells, deafness is more likely to happen. If you feel sad or worried, you don’t really have to be. Being deaf is not detrimental to a cat’s survival nor would largely affect the quality life of a kitty as long as it’s kept indoors.

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