Take Caution against these 10 Household Hazards for Cats

You protected your indoor cat from the dangers outdoors but have you taken a look at the numerous pet hazards inside your house? List down these 10 household hazards for cats that any cat owner should be extremely careful of.

household hazards for cats

Human Food

Refrain from leaving food on the table or counters when you have pets. Among the most dangerous household hazards for cats are those they can ingest. There are a lot of human food that are toxic for cats such as grapes, raisins and chocolates. So, keep your food away from your kitty.


You may think that meat bones are fine for carnivores like cats but they’re not. It’s true that bones can be appetizing for your kitty but it’s risking them from digestive problems and choking. Removing stuck bones from your cat’s esophagus and other nternal organs can require surgery.

why cats eat grass


Among the most inconspicuous household hazards for cats are plants.You may think that those lovely houseplants or your beautiful mini garden cause no harm to your feline buds but they can prove to be fatal. There are many types of plants harmful to cats such as lilies, azaleas and english ivy. Please do research what plants are friendly to cats or if not, avoid having houseplants if you want to keep your kitty safe.

household hazards for cats

Human Medications

Reportedly, human medications top the list of household hazards for cats. Pets that snatch pills from tables or counters and ingest these often tiny medicines can result to fatal outcomes. So, make sure your meds are completely out of sight and in hard-to-reach places for your cat’s sake.

Hygiene and Beauty Products

It’s really hard to keep everything from your curious calico but you should know that lotions, perfumes, hairsprays, nail polish and the like are hazardous to cats. Certain ingredients like citronella, tea tree oil, formaldehyde, zinc oxide and the like are poisonous to cats. It’s difficult to list down all these specific substances so best to just keep these hygiene and beauty products safely stored.

household hazards for cats

Cleaning Products

Just like the safety precautions advised for people against using cleaning products, the same applies for cats. Cleaning products like bleach, detergents, deodorizers, insecticides and the like contain chemicals not only bad for you but are highly toxic to cats. While people can take safety precautions using these cleaning products, cats with their small sizes can be endangered with just short exposure or little amounts of ingestion. So, it may be best to keep your cat away when using these products and make sure they don’t play with any of these.

household hazards for cats

Electrical Cords

This should be a no-brainer as to why it’s among the top household hazards for cats. What’s unfortunate is some households seem to forget or ignore their bored, curious and playful indoor cats. As such, these house cats go unnoticed when playing and chewing on electrical cords. Cat owners should always remember to arrange, tuck away and unplug electronics.

Rubber Bands and Ties

Rubber bands, hair ties or bag ties can look like interesting toys to cats. It may seem harmless at first but when a kitty starts to chew on these and eventually swallow, it can cause serious harm to their gastrointestinal tract.

Toys and Collectibles

Playing with toys, especially the ones not for cats but for kids or kid-like adults, is fine following two conditions. First, a person is there to supervise and oversee how the cat is interacting with the toy and second, the toy’s size and material will not entice the cat to chew or swallow it. Between a puzzle piece and a tennis ball, a cat owner instantly knows which one is among the household hazards for cats.

Plastic Bags

There are many internet videos of a cat playing with a plastic bag. Yes, it can be hilarious but when a cat is conditioned to play with these stuff and you’re not around to help them from getting strangled or trapped then your kitty may get suffocated.

Pet owners should take note and be wary of these 10 household hazards for cats. It’s hard to protect your curious feline bud from everything but it helps when you can reduce the potential dangers around. So, keep safe and live a  longer and happier life with your cats.

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