5 Easy DIY Frozen Cat Treats

Some cats can be quite finicky with their food. Some also don’t drink water and only hydrate through the moisture they get from their meals. To address these types of cats, or simply to introduce some interesting snacks for your kitties, here are 5 easy DIY frozen cat treats.

5 easy diy frozen cat treats

Ice Cubes

A simple ice cube that’s just made out of plain water is one great treat. It will entertain your kitty as well as hydrate them. Some make this extra special by putting in pieces of tuna, meat or fruit. If your cat doesn’t seem to be too interested with just ice cube, drizzle it with tuna water or gravy or sprinkle some catnip.

Frozen Food Snacks

Get a canned cat food and mix with some dry kibble. Make bite-sized mounds and place on a cookie sheet then freeze. You can also opt to blend it with additional water to increase the amount of moisture your kitty can consume. Making frozen food snacks is among the tastiest, most refreshing frozen cat treats that’s easy to make. Also, being frozen treats, these can have longer shelf life.

easy diy frozen cat treats

Ice cream

Get a special milk for cats at the pet store. Goat’s milk is also a fine alternative. Create a kitty ice cream as one of your frozen cat treats by these simple steps. Pour the milk in a plastic sandwich bag. You can add wet cat food or kibbles to add some crunchy treats and seal the bag. Add a second bag then put it in a large bag with chunks of ice and some rock salt. Squish the bag, mush it up and roll around a counter or ground. Voila! Your kitty ice cream is ready.

Frozen Fruit Treats

Much like frozen food snacks, just take out some fruits that are healthy and not toxic to cats. Banana is a good example. Puree the fruit and pour it into ice cube trays. Again, you have the option to add in some canned food or kibble or even a sprinkle of catnip.

Cool Smoothies

This isn’t exactly one of the literally frozen cat treats. But it’s still nice and cool so we’re adding it to the list. Open a cat food and slice or dice it into chunks. Turn it into a smoothie by adding ice and water then mix it in a blender. Or, a regular fruit smoothie will do; again, make sure the fruit is not toxic to cats. Just like that, you’ve got your catto some interesting and hydrating frozen cat treats.


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