7 Holiday Safety Measures for Cats

It’s that exciting time of the last days of the year. Many people are ready to celebrate with their friends and loved ones. For pet owners, it’s also an amazing period of cute snaps and Yuletide bonding. However, while we are all having fun, don’t forget to look out for your pets. If you’re a cat owner, please take note of these 7 holiday safety measures for cats.

holiday safety measures for cats

Christmas Decorations

Careful to keep your curious kitty away from the Christmas tree. While it’s such a wonderful decor to beautify your house for the season, it’s also a rather enticing plaything for your cat. One of the holiday safety measures for cats is to hook or anchor your decorative tree; avoid your tree toppling over your kitty and getting tangled up should he ever climb on it. Also, make sure that electrical cords are safely tucked or covered so these won’t get chewed on.

holiday safety measures for cats

Fire hazards

If you’re among those who light candles for decor  or fireplaces for warmth, it’s vital that you keep your cat away. Cats playing around or avoiding guests might accidentally singe their fur. So, should it be really important that you keep anything ablaze for Christmas, don’t forget to extinguish them and put those candles out of your cat’s reach.

holiday safety measures for cats

Dress Ups

We have to admit that cats in Christmas getups are really adorable. However, cats aren’t fond of having anything that restricts their movements including costumes. It’s important that you don’t force your feline bud and stress him out this season. Also, putting on uncomfortable or huge outfits might get caught in dangerous places when your kitty goes around the house. Now, if you really wish to see your cat in a Christmas costume, just keep it short and select one your cat tolerates.

Human food

The best chunk of Christmas is a celebratory feast. While you may be taking care of your guests or feasting on holiday food, don’t forget to mind your cat; make sure that your feline friend is out of the picture and doesn’t get to human food toxic for him or her. It’s okay to share some meat but make sure to measure and regulate what treats you give and your cat eats.


If you’re hosting a Christmas party or having an intimate dinner with family or friends, keep your guests in check. Set some ground rules to not pet your kitty should they be strangers that your cat is yet to get inclined with. Also, remind them not to share their food during your meal to keep your cat from eating too much or eating something toxic. Finally, alert your guests that you own a cat and prepare medicine if any of them have cat allergies.

cost of having a cat

Holiday Trips

Among the holiday safety measures for cats is making sure they’re well taken care of during the season. If you have plans of travelling during the holiday, make sure you have prepared what to do with your kitty. We recommend hiring pet sitters over boarding places. If you plan to go on a trip with your cat then make sure your feline is accustomed to car travel before setting out.

best holiday gifts for your cats

Becoming Presents

Kittens or cats are not good Christmas presents. We’d like to remind everyone celebrating this Yuletide season to not give cats as presents. This is very important especially if you’re not a entirely sure the recipient is ready for the responsibility. While anyone getting a cat will be really happy, consider what happens to the kitty when the charm of Christmas wears off; will it be taken care of or will it have to go back to the adoption center.


So, these are the 7 holiday safety measures for cats. We hope that this Yuletide season will be safe and enjoyable not just for people but also to pets around the world. Happy Holidays!




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