2018 Most Popular Cat Names in Categories

2018 is coming to an end soon. If one of your 2019 wish list is to get a new cat, here’s a great list for you to consider when naming your kitty. These are popular cat names which means quite a number of ‘hoomans’ use these; time to see if you can pick from this cute or cool names or maybe, avoid these in the hopes of giving your one-of-a-kind  feline the most unique name he or she deserves.

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5 Popular Cat Names based on Food

Peanut, Milo, Oreo, Coco, Biscuit

These are among the commonly used kitty names. Some of which are actually just nicknames and not the official names. However, due to being quite delicious-sounding tags, many opt to use these food inspired cat names. It’s totally understandable because you’re translating your love for food into a beloved name for your adored calico.

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5 Popular Cat Names based on Animals

Tiger, Kitty, Panda, Leon, Tom

When a small kitty has the personality and confidence of a big cat, the owner guarantees to give its kitty a strong big cat name. Of course, there are some non-feline exceptions like Panda but it’s still a huge animal. So if your cat resembles an adorable Asian animal like pandas or has a thing for climbing trees like monkeys, use these animal names for the king of your house.

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5 Popular Cat Names based on Appearance

Mittens, Socks, Boots, Patches, Whiskers

This kind of cat names tend to highlight a feline’s particular look. When you call for Mittens, your eyes would naturally be drawn to the cat’s paws. If it’s Patches then people would expect your kitty to actually have patches on his or her fur. Quite a simple and literal rule for naming cats.

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5 Popular Cat Names based on Flowers

Lily, Jasmine, Daisy, Buttercup, Clover

These names are quite feminine and are usually used for female cats. But of course, if your male cat brings you luck or he simply reminds you of a beautiful flower, feel free to call him Clover or Buttercup. Some flowers have beautiful names that aren’t always associated to a particular gender.

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5 Popular Cat Names based on Characters

Simba, Nala, Oliver, Bella, Garfield

There are actually plenty of popular cat names under this category. There are two possible reasons why cat owners choose this kind. First, like Bella, it means beautiful. So whether it’s because people were fond of Bella from Twilight or simply because of its meaning, it depends on the owner. But as for Simba and Nala, it’s safe to assume these cat names are greatly influenced by Lion King.

5 Popular Names based on Popularity

Oscar, Max, Luna, Lucy, Chloe

Most of the categories above would also fall in this category since we’re listing popular cat names. However, we highlight in this category the five names that are most often, if not always, found in the list of 2018’s top 10 popular cat names in different websites.

So, having read some of the most popular cat names according to categories, we hope you cat lovers have fun naming your cats!

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