5 Cat Breeds That Look Like Wild Cats

Wild cats and domestic felines have a lot in common. If you just take out the lifestyle and size, indoor kitties and wild ones are practically the same cats. Domestication however, has led many indoor cat breeds to look smaller, tamer and friendlier. But over the years, cat lovers’ fascination with wild cats grew and many may have wanted to bring these exotic looking felines indoor instead of the common house cat breeds. As that is impossible, a great answer for them are these five cat breeds that look like wild cats.

cat breeds that look like wild cats


The Bengal is one of the five cat breeds that look like wild cats. They have exotic looks that resemble leopards and jaguars. Their fur is covered with spots which resembles a jaguar’s than the tightly packed smaller prints of leopards’. Some Bengal cats also bear a resemblance to their biggest wild cousin, the tigers. Instead of spots, their fur is streaked with wavy lines like a tiger’s. This cat breed was created by crossing a domestic cat and an Asian leopard cat which is a small wild cat.

cat breeds that look like wild cats savannah


Another of the cat breeds that look like wild cats is the Savannah. This feline breed is the result of crossing a domestic cat with a serval.  Servals are a native wild cat to Africa known for their large ears and slender build. They’re medium sized with uniform spots most similar to cheetahs. As such, a Savannah cat’s coat that’s covered with dark solid spots can resemble its ancestor the servals or a cheetah’s. From afar they can also resemble spotted hyenas.

cat breeds that look like wild cats abyssinian


Unlike the first two cat breeds that look like wild cats thanks to breeding with small wild felines, Abyssinian cats got their unique exotic looks by supposedly crossing domestic cats from Asia and Europe. It was also later known to have originated in the Egyptian coast and not in Abyssinia, Ethiopia which influenced its name. Abyssinian cats are said to be one of the first domesticated cat breeds and some claims suggest they are the featured cats in Egyptian artifacts and hieroglyphs. Abyssinians purportedly resemble African wildcats which is believed to be the ancestor of all domestic cats. Apart from African wildcat, Abyssinian resembles their big cat cousin cougars with their sleek-looking fur.

cat breeds that look like wild cats bombay


Bombay breed is another wild-looking kitty which resulted from breeding black American shorthairs and sable Burmese. They are known as miniature black panthers which set them apart other house cat breeds. Just a note, black panthers are actually black leopards. “Panther” is an umbrella term referring to different big wild cats such as jaguars, cougars and leopards. However, “black panther” is mostly used as another term for black leopards which Bombay cats resemble.

cat breeds that look like wild cats egyptian mau

Egyptian Mau

To wrap up the list of five cat breeds that look like wild cats is the Egyptian Mau. Just as its name implies, researchers believe this feline breed originated in Egypt. Egyptian Maus are a naturally spotted kitty; unlike Bombay and Abyssinian that have naturally exotic looks but don’t have the typical spots of wild cats and unlike Bengal and Savannah which were bred with small wild cats to gain their fur resemblance to wild cats, this breed is natural. Aside from having inborn wild looks, this feline breed is reputedly the fastest domestic cat. Among the wild cats, Egyptian Mau has the closest look to serval cats too in terms of their spot shapes and amount. However, Egyptian Mau breed is known to be the fastest domestic cat type so having the spots and the speed, we’re likening this kitty to a more fitting big cat, cheetahs.

So, if your love for cats has transcended from tiny ones to wild cats and want to have exotic looking kitties roaming your household, you can start choosing among these pawsome breeds.

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