Best 5 Cat Breeds with Curly Coats

Cats are interesting and adorable but there are some cat breeds that take it up a notch. With their curly hair, these cats can easily capture a person’s eyes and heart. Here are the best 5 cat breeds with curly coats.

Cat Breeds with Curly Coats LaPerm


Discovered around the early 80’s, LaPerm cats are a result of a spontaneous mutation of cats bred in that period. Linda and Richard Koehl from Oregon were purportedly the first to discover this cat breed when their cat gave birth to an unfamiliar looking kitten. Supposedly, this kitten was born hairless but had a skin pattern that resembled a tabby cat. However, as this kitten grew, it started to develop curly fur. The kitten was named Curly from whom LaPerm cats descended from. The breed flourished as Koehl controlled the breeding to increase the number of curly-coated cats in their farm. And like all cats back in the day, these cats worked for pest control. LaPerms are one of the best cat breeds with curly coats that range from soft waves to bouncy ringlets to long corkscrews.

Cat Breeds with Curly Coats Devon Rex

Devon Rex

Originating from Devonshire, England, the Devon Rex cat breed is also a result of natural mutation. In the late 50’s, a person named Beryl Cox owned a cat that had a litter with a feral tom with curly coat. Among the litter was a kitten that had the same coat as the father. This kitten had a unique look: elfin features with wavy curls for its coat. Cox named the cat Kirlee who later became the father of the Devon Rex breed. 

Supposedly, Kirlee was assumed to have the same genes as Cornish Rex breed. However, when bred with a Cornish, it didn’t result to any curly-coated offspring. This established that Kirlee had different mutated genes from Cornish Rex. Devon Rex is known for their pixie-like looks and their coat is more tousled compared to the neater wavy fur of Cornish. Additionally, their whiskers are short and prone to breakage.

Cat Breeds with Curly Coats Cornish Rex

Cornish Rex

Another of the cat breeds with curly coats is the Cornish Rex. This cat type was discovered in Cornwall, England in the early 50’s to a woman named Nina Ennismore. Ennismore had a cat named Serena who gave birth to a litter of five kittens. Among the litter is a curly-coated, white and orange male kitten who was named Kallibunker. It was from Kallibunker that the Cornish Rex line proliferated; his offspring was later bred with different cat breeds like Burmese and British Shorthair. Cornish Rex have dense fur with tight curls, Their wavy fur is said to have the texture of silk or velvet and is often compared to a rabbit fur or a lamb coat.

Cat Breeds with Curly Coats german rex

German Rex

Appearing around mid-40’s, German Rex cats have a striking resemblance to Cornish Rex. The discovery of this cat breed presumably began when Dr. R. Scheuer-Karpin rescued a female feral, black cat at the end of World War II. The cat was wandering the gardens of the Hufeland Hospital and the doctor named her Lammchen. This cat had the same curly-haired gene as Cornish Rex and produced many litters. She was purportedly crossed with one of her litters to which German Rex breed descended from. German Rex cats are said to be more muscular and heavier than Cornish Rex. Their whiskers have a slight curl and their cheeks look fuller and defined. Also, unlike Cornish cats, German Rex have shorter but thicker awn hairs which makes them look fluffier. Reportedly, breeding of this cat is declining as Cornish Rex appeals to the public more.

Cat Breeds with Curly Coats selkirk rex

Selkirk Rex

A new addition to cat breeds with curly coats is the Selkirk Rex. They are large felines with round head and thick loose curls. Their coats can either be long or short but long-haired ones have more prominent curly fur.The breed started in the late 80’s in an animal shelter in Montana; a mother cat gave birth to six kittens from which one unusual kitten was found. Jeri Newman, a cat breeder, adopted this cat and named her Miss DePesto. When this kitty was bred with a Persian cat, six kittens were born with three of them having curly fur and whiskers. One of the kittens was named NoFace Oscar Kowalski who was bred to other breeds like Persians, Exotics and Shorthairs. Miss DePesto and Oscar became the first cats to carry out the Selkirk Rex genes which was later successfully registered as a new cat breed. 

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