Tips to Follow When You Clean a Cat’s Ears

Cats can keep themselves pretty neat. However, some body parts like the ears can get a bit difficult to clean extensively. As such, cat owners have to take part in their kitty’s grooming sessions to make sure they’re clean throughout. To start with, we’ll focus on quite the hard area to clean; here are some tips to follow when you clean a cat’s ears.

when you clean a cat's ears

Don’t Use Q-tips

This tip has since been reiterated not just when you clean a cat’s ears but even with humans. Supposedly, q-tips can damage the eardrum as you clean the inside of your ears. Also, instead of cleaning well, it may push the wax or debris further inside the ear. For these reasons, using q-tips aren’t advised. Though you can use it for your cat’s ear flap folds.


Wrap Your Cat in a Towel

Turn your cat into a cute purr-ito as you securely wrap him in towel. This is especially helpful for fearful or anxious cats. You can protect yourself from scratches while your cat can calm down in purr-ito position. This is also safe to avoid a kitty from suddenly jolting or moving which can result to accidents or injuries as you clean a cat’s ears. An alternative for this is asking someone else to hold down your kitty as you clean his ears. 

unhappy cat

Make it a Positive Routine

Make ear cleaning a regular part of grooming routine. More importantly, make it a positive experience. Give your cat something to look forward to as she bears this process which many cats don’t particularly enjoy. Use treats, special ones if possible, so your kitty can attribute positive rewards to getting her ears cleaned. Remember, cats are creatures of habit and they love food; when you clean a cat’s ears with a set schedule and treats, you may be surprised how this grooming session can be so easy.

clean a cat's ears photo credit drsfosterandsmith

When you clean a cat’s ears

Clean your kitty’s ears when he is relaxed. Be gentle as you wipe through the ear flaps and outer ear. Use a safe gentle solution to drop in your cat’s ears which he’ll shake off, removing dirt and debris in the process. Remember to close your eyes and mouth or stay away when your cat shakes off the ear cleaning solution. Finally, if possible try not to schedule stressful grooming sessions on the same day. For instance, save nail trimming for the next day.

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