The Truth About Cat Poop Coffee

Apparently there is cat poop coffee and is tagged as the world’s most expensive brew. Sold for as high as $500 per pound, this exotic coffee has gained the limelight of curious coffee lovers, as well as cat lovers. Now you may be looking at your cat’s litter thinking of the potential to convert it to dollars, but hold that thought and first learn the truth about cat poop coffee.

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What is “cat poop coffee”?

Dubbed as cat poop coffee, Kopi Luwak are special coffee beans mostly found in Asia. By “special,” it means that these coffee beans are one-of-a-kind because they were processed and fermented in  the tummy of a civet cat.

Civet cats consume coffee beans, either arabica or robusta, whatever is available to this nocturnal animal. The civets will then excrete whole droppings which are collected, cleaned and roasted. This will become Kopi Luwak, also called civet coffee, the world’s most expensive cat poop coffee.

cat poop coffee kopi luwak

What makes this a coveted coffee?

Kopi Luwak is an exotic coffee that purportedly boasts of superior quality. This is due to three variables. First, in the wild, civets are known to choose the ripest coffee cherries to feast on; the ripeness can increase the quality of coffee. Second, the beans get fermented in civet cats’ digestive tract for up to 36 hours; this alters the chemical composition and taste of the coffee bean. This process can supposedly reduce the acidity of the coffee. Finally, Kopi Luwak is rare as people originally had to collect the droppings in the wild.

cat poop coffee civet coffee

How does this exotic coffee taste like?

According to coffee enthusiasts, Kopi Luwak is less acidic to regular brews. It also tastes milder or more mellow. This is supposedly due to the beans going through the digestive process of civets which may have reduced the caffeine content of the coffee. Finally, most people prefer the flavor from excreted arabica beans than robusta.

On the negative side or neutral views, civet coffee is said to taste just like regular coffee. Some claim that it doesn’t taste good at all and is quite “poopy.” By how they’re able to know how “poopy” tastes like is as curious as Kopi Luwak.

cat poop coffee from civet cats

Issues with Civet Coffee aka Cat Poop Coffee

The two major issues about civet coffee are animal abuse and health concerns. Due to the demand of this exotic coffee, there are farmers that abuse civet cats by keeping them in cages and reportedly force feeding them with the cherries. It was initially a “wild” product that made it limited or rare thus making it expensive. But with the hype on cat poop coffee, its availability has increased and its authenticity is reduced; slowly turning Kopi Luwak’s uniqueness into a commercial gimmick.

Next is the health concern which suggests that being cat poop and all, it can pose some dangers to the health. However, it’s noted that the process of cleaning and roasting  the beans make it safe to consume. To address both issues, people are trying to advocate against commercialism of Kopi Luwak.

cat poop coffee not feline poop

Cat Poop Coffee not Feline Poop Coffee

Cat poop coffee is a correct term to tag Kopi Luwak, as it is from civet cats. However, civet cats don’t belong to the feline species but are a distant relative of mongoose and raccoon. Due to the cat-like appearance and behavior of these animals, they’re named after our feline friends. So unfortunately, you can’t convert your kitty’s litter into coffee or dollars, they’re just waste from your beloved cat.

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