5 Stress Relieving Herbs for Cats

There are many ways cats get stressed and to help calm them down, having stress relieving herbs for cats in your home is a great solution.

stress relieving herbs for cats


Valerian is a great herb for calicos that need an energy boost. It works as a stimulant on cats which is great for those lazy kitties who really need to work on ridding those fats. Cat parents can also enjoy some valerian tea which works opposite to people; it’s a calming herb that makes people relax and sleep well. So, while your cat is pumped up with valerian herb, maybe have your share later and enjoy some playtime with your fur baby first.

stress relieving herbs for cats

Licorice Root

Licorice root is among the best stress relieving herbs for cats. It has a lot of health benefits like relieving and fixing endocrine and digestive issues and soothing respiratory issues like colds. Licorice root also hae anti-inflammatory properties which can be very helpful for kitties suffering from arthritis. Finally, it also helps soothe cats with allergies. As such, this herb not only relieves stress for cats, it also provides various medicinal qualities for a healthier kitty. Additionally, many cats purportedly like the taste of licorice root making it an even friendlier herb to give your feline bud.

stress relieving herbs for cats cat thyme

Cat Thyme

Supposedly, some cats who doesn’t react to catnip can be introduced to this alternative, cat thyme. As its name implies, cat thymes are among the safest and best stress relieving herbs for cats. It has the same relaxing effects as catnip. But be warned, cat thyme has a pungent odor which may be calming for cats but stressing for you.

stress relieving herbs for cats cat mint


Catmint is a great herb to soothe stressed or ill cats. It’s also an alternative for catnip if your kitty seems to be immune from the effects of the famous herb for cats. Some of the great things about catmint are its availability and beauty. Catmints are easy to grow and they’re quite beautiful to add to the garden or place in the house with its purple flowers.

stress relieving herbs for cats catnip


Dubbed as “the king of cat herbs,” catnip is quite the most powerful herb for cats. Supposedly, catnip doesn’t only calm or soothe our feline friends, it also makes them elated. So, if you’ve got some stressed or sad calicos, get a catnip and help them adjust and stay happy.

There are different forms of herbs available. Tinctures, essential oils, teas or dried leaves are among the common products of herbs. We recommend using well-processed tinctures, dried herbs or even fresh ones for safety and effectivity. Essential oils and teas have more risk and are generally not that adviced for kitties. Instead, just grab some potted herbs and let your kitty take a whiff or rub themselves on these stress relieving herbs for cats.

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