5 Reasons Why Cats Are Like Introverts

Cats have been a great curiosity and delight for many. As lots of people welcomed kitties into their homes, they discovered something about feline social behavior. Some describe it as being anti-social, others use the term aloof or loner, and for most, the term “introverts” somehow best describes what cats are like. Now, these are the five similarities and reasons why cats are like introverts.

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Likes to avoid people

First things first, cats are like introverts in the way they prefer few to zero people around. If there’s a few, it’s best to have their favorite persons to be with. There are even times that even those favorite humans are just tolerable at best. However, if you’ve got a kitty or an introverted friend, don’t be offended when they avoid you sometimes; it isn’t because they don’t like your company but just that they need to brood or have some alone time.

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Not fond of long interaction

Cat parents may have observed how their fur babies have this weird duration of affection. At times, they get too clingy and would seem to like having long conversation of meows or stares. However, most often, they would just give you a minute or a few seconds of acknowledgment before they’re off to do their own thing. So, best to treasure times when your kitty is in the mood for a long talk or cuddling session.

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Hesitant in sharing physical touch

Cats are like introverts because of their similar distaste or awkwardness with physical touches, especially with new people. You may have tried petting a cat for the first time and see them flinch or even run away. At times, even your own kitty would swat away your loving hand and worse, bite you. It seems that just like introverts, cats aren’t sure how to react coolly and respond properly to physical touch.

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Needs some alone time to recharge

You see your cat staring out the window for almost an hour, avoiding the family and other pets. Sometimes, you don’t even see your cat at all. Cats are like introverts in the way that they need to brood and spend some time alone; it’s either to reflect, meditate, recharge or a little bit of everything. What you can do is to respect your kitty’s personal space and even give them a good spot to hide or be away from others; this is also applicable for your introverted friends.

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Don’t mind being alone but they do love spending time with people

The common misconception with introverts is that they abhor interaction totally. That’s not true. Introverts and cats don’t mind being alone or even love it. However, this doesn’t mean that they don’t want to spend time with others. In fact, both would love bonding with their loved ones, overcoming their hesitancy with social interactions and loving every bit of inviting their special people into their personal bubble.

These five reasons are the similarities why cats are like introverts. Of course, this does not apply for every single cat and there are many breed or individual kitties that have extroverted traits. Still, it’s great to know these reasons in order to accommodate and love our calicos with introverted qualities even better.

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