Places in Western Countries Cat Lovers Will Enjoy

If you’re a cat lover and you happen to be in one of these countries, you’re in for a cat treat. Not literally cat treats but cats’ haven; these beautiful countries in the western side of the globe are some of the places cat lovers will enjoy.

cat lovers will enjoy De Poezenboot photo taken from site De Poezenboot

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Cat lovers should definitely come to this country once and visit “De Poezenboot.” Literally translating to cat boat, this place is home to over 50 stray or abandoned cats. It’s a floating cat sanctuary where calicos can safely enjoy a home for the feline population. The people hosting these cats in their boat abode accept financial adoption for the kitties.

If some cat lovers are interested in adopting a cat from them, they can re-home their furry friends. However, they noted that most of the cats aren’t used to household living due to having lived outdoors most of their lives. Which is why they ask for kitty lovers to support the cats instead with financial aid, visits and let their human caretakers provide their cats’ daily needs.

places cat lovers will enjoy

Key West, Florida

All cat lovers will enjoy visiting Ernest Hemingway Home and Museum. Being home to one of America’s most honored and respected authors, it’s already a great destination on itself. However, for cat fanatics, this tourist spot is home to approximately 40-50 polydactyl cats or six-toed kitties. So, it’s definitely a unique kitty attraction.

Supposedly, Ernest Hemingway was given a white six-toed cat by a ship’s captain. This original cat named Snow White became the ancestor to some of the cats who live on the museum grounds. Additionally, these unique cats, who look like they’re wearing mittens, are named after famous people; it’s a naming tradition that started from Hemingway himself.

places cat lovers will enjoy

Rome, Italy

Torre Argentina Cat Sanctuary is a uniquely beautiful place fit for kitty lovers.  It’s home to hundreds of cat residents who are well-fed and free to roam. Sheltered in some of the oldest temples in Rome, the sanctuary is uniting people in working together to give Rome’s abandoned or stray cats a quality life. Seven days a week, volunteers come to feed, clean and look after these cats. It’s definitely a great site with the ancient ruins, the cute healthy cats and the fellow cat people all in one place.

cat lovers will enjoy

Ypres, Belgium

Any cat fan would enjoy the experience of the Kattenstoet or Festival of the Cats. It’s a celebration of the noble feline that comes every three years on the second Sunday of Monday. This festival boasts a street parade of floats, great music and costumed townspeople. Most people would dress as cats, mice or even witches. Also, it’s a celebration with a lot of fun activities and presentation cat lovers will enjoy. Unfortunately, the 45th Kattenstoet was already held on May 13 this 2018. So, kitty fans should wait for three years to pass to see the event again. In the meantime, there are plenty of photos of Kattenstoet to view and other great places with cats to visit.

cat lovers will enjoy photo courtesy tripadvisor

Birmingham, UK

So, another event in another beautiful city which cat persons are sure to love is the Supreme Cat Show in Birmingham, It’s UK’s most prestigious cat show held each November at the National Exhibition Centre. On this occasion, the country’s most adored cats come to relax in their decorated pens. While some cats are simply there for viewing with their owners, some are judged in the ring according to their feline beauty and health. There are many cat awards or certificates which the kitties can get like Champion Male or Female and Best of Breed. It’s definitely a supreme cat show cat lovers will enjoy.



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