5 Human Food that are Good for Cats

When you’re eating good food and you catch your cat staring, you wonder if you can share your food. While there’s human food you can’t share to your feline friends because they’re bad, there are some that you can.  Here are five human food good for cats.

human food that are good for cats

Cooked meat

This is actually a great treat for your carnivorous fur baby. Cats are carnivores that need substantial amount of meat in their diet. The protein based or from meat is essential for calicos overall health. A strong heart, good vision an healthy reproductive system are among the benefits of consuming meat for cats. Raw or spoiled meat can make your cats sick so cooked meat is highly preferable.

human food that are good for cats eggs

Cooked Eggs

Cooked eggs is a typical human food that you can share with your furry friend. It’s a good source of protein and B vitamins. Like oatmeal, eggs can be found as part or an ingredient in different cat foods. Eggs is a good protein booster that’s good for you and your kitty.

human food that are good for cats banana


A healthy human fruit great for kitties. This is among the human food that are good for cats due to its nutritional content; high in potassium and soluble fiber, it’s a natural and cat-safe-snack you can feed your pet. Of course, it’s to be noted that this is not an alternative or a requirement in cat’s diet but a snack you may find in the kitchen to give your cute kitty.

human food that are good for cats


Oatmeal is definitely a good addition to human food that are good for cats. It’s a great source of energy and B vitamins for your kitty. Moreover, it’s safe and is usually found in commercial cat food. As much as oatmeal has great benefits for humans, these are also translated well to your kitty’s health needs. However, it must be noted that oatmeal can’t provide your cat all the nutrients she needs. So, it should be given as small treats or compliment to their main food.

human food that are good for cats peas


Starting from a young age, people eat peas because they’re easy to eat and the taste is good or not as appalling as other veggies. Just as peas can taste real good to some people or it’s a common compliment to their meals, these are also among the five human food that are good for cats. High in fiber, contains vitamins B1, C, K and A, peas is a superfood great for cats. It has a good effect on your cat’s gastrointestinal tract and can also help when your pet’s suffering from occasional constipation. You can feed fresh, frozen or cooked peas to your kitty. Just make sure frozen peas aren’t too tough to avoid choking and cooked ones aren’t seasoned as much.

Cats don’t really like a lot of human food as they don’t appeal to their feline food palette, especially so with fruits and veggies. But if you’re out of cat treats, these are great alternatives as your kitty’s snacks. Of course, it must be noted that their diet should still include proper cat food to give them the right nutritional balance and keep them healthy.

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