5 Dog-Like Cat Breeds You Can Play With

The question on whether you’re a dog person or a cat person can say a lot about you. However, if you just can’t choose and you love all animals alike, there’s no problem. You can adopt or meet dogs with feline personalities and cats with canine traits. So, if you’re someone who like to surpass the boundaries between species, here are 5 dog-like cat breeds you can meet and play with.

dog-like cat breeds turkish angora

Turkish Angora

One of the feline breeds often compared to their canine cousins. Turkish Angora cats are highly intelligent, sensitive and sociable cats. This cat breed does not shy away from interaction and in fact, loves to be the center of attention. They won’t get as stressed as other cat breeds when there are guests in the house or new pets coming. Moreover, this is among the dog-like cat breeds that don’t hate water as much as the others. As such, you can enjoy lots of interaction with this feline breed and you may even enjoy spending time swimming with one.

dog-like cat breeds abyssinian


One of the oldest known cat breeds, Abyssinian cats are a very playful lot. Despite being one of the ‘ancient’ cat breed, they don’t promote as much feline traits and instead likes to exhibit canine behavior. Far from being aloof, these calicos are outgoing, active extroverts that like spending time with their human than by themselves.

dog-like cat breeds manx photo courtesy of pawpost


One of the interesting dog-like cat breeds with a distinct physical appearance. Manx cats are tailless due to a genetic mutation which has spread throughout the Isle of Man where this feline breed originated from. Despite being tailless and losing the chance to play chase or fight their own tails, Manx cats still get all the fun a cat can have. Their doggish disposition like being highly active and sociable allows them to spend more time with their owners and play more.

dog-like cat breeds american curl courtesy of vetstreet

American curl

Another of the dog-like cat breeds with a unique look. American curl cats are characterized for the curl in their ears. But while their ears can get a person’s attention first, this feline’s soft plume-like tail is another of its distinct physical trait. American curls are known for their mischievous and sociable personality. They are a family friendly type of cat that is said to be a good choice around children for their kind demeanor.

dog-like cat breeds maine coon

Maine Coon

Maine Coon is one of the largest domestic cat breeds with canine traits. A veterinarian named Sarah Miller even has a specific dog breed to compare to Maine Coons: the retrievers. A gentle giant that enjoys chasing toys and bringing them back to the owner, much like a game of fetch, this cat breed sports a playful but also calm personality.

So, these are the 5 most dog-like cat breeds you may be interested to adopt or just simply curious to know.

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