5 of the Laziest Cat Breeds to Laze with

There are many kinds of lovable cats in this world. Among those kinds is the type who prefers lying around and just chill all day. So, for cat lovers who like and live the same lifestyle, these are 5 of the laziest cat breeds you may enjoy lazing around with.

5 of the laziest cat breeds ragdoll


These furballs are known for their relaxed temperament. Ragdolls are floor cats type, not jumpers. When they play, they are very gentle and usually don’t extend their claws. They are also known with their good tolerance with kids.

Ragdoll cats are laid-back, low energy cats who like to snuggle with their human. This sounds like the perfect match for a lazy cat person.

5 of the laziest cat breeds persian


Persians are also among the laziest cat breeds. A large coated cat breed, this feline is known for being lazy. This fur baby enjoys lounging around the house than running and doing other high-energy activities. For this reason, Persians can adapt and suit well to cat owners with an ‘apartment life.’

 5 of the laziest cat breeds ragamuffin photo from desertmuffins


It seems laziness is a powerful gene. Just like its cousin Ragdoll, Ragamuffins are also a low-energy cat breed. They are said to be very gentle cats that like to spend time with their humans in chill activities. And because this cat breed is easygoing, these cats have more potential of being trained to walk on a leash.

Ragamuffins also have super soft fur that can be irresistible for their cat parents. All these traits combined, this type of cat is compared to a teddy bear: a sweet loving great for cuddling cat.

5 of the laziest cat breeds selkirk rex

Selkirk Rex

This cat breed is one of the most interesting looking feline due to its highly curled hair. Selkirk Rex cats are said to be a clever and social breed that gets along well with their humans as well as with other pets in the house. Their temperament can also be compared to Persian cats.

Like Persians, Selkirk Rex are docile cats that adapt easily to most living situations, making them good companions to apartment life too.

5 of the laziest cat breeds scottish fold

Scottish Fold

The lap-cat breed. Scottish Fold are moderately active cats that love to spend time with their owner. This feline breed is said to be a lazy and affectionate kind. It’s a designer cat breed fit for low-energy cat parents not up for plenty of playtimes or owners who just don’t have a lot of time for extra energetic activities.

Scottish Fold is one of the laziest cat breeds perfectly happy to relax all day.

For people who love cats but are reluctant to adopt or own a pet worrying about the commitment of keeping them entertained and active, these are among the laziest cat breeds that can help rid of the hesitancy. Of course, it doesn’t mean you won’t exert any time or effort with them which a responsible cat owner should. It also doesn’t mean all cats belonging to these breeds can share the same lazy or low-energy trait. This is just a background information to help a potential but lazy cat person understand and know some of the sedentary but loving cat breeds one can have.

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