Cat Language: 4 Ways to Say I Love You

Actions speak louder than words. But for cats, actions are their words. Tell your feline friend you love him or her by doing the following things.

Cat Language #1: Head Butts

A rather endearing way to say I love you in cat language. When you’re cuddling with your fur baby or it happens his head is near yours, it’s a good chance to speak your love. Of course, don’t do it too hastily or your calico will surely run away. Cat analysts suggest that when cats do this head bonk they are showing their affection and trust to their human. It’s also a way to claim ownership over you. It’s a rather possessive but sweet love language.

cat language, photo credits to owner

Cat Language #2: Vocalization

Try mimicking your feline friend’s voice. Most cat parents would have tried this before and can notice their fur babies’ seemingly responding. Cats are said to have a particular set of meows reserved for their favorite human. Reciprocate this special vocalization just for you by mimicking it back to your cat. It’s a display of affection that will can make your calico feel safe and loved.

cat language i love you photo by prince abid

Cat Language #3: Grooming

Grooming is another way cats show their affection and closeness with their family. While you can’t exactly do this cat language with your own mouth, you can groom your pet in a human way. Gentle brushing sessions and even petting can mimic the grooming patterns of cats. Another suggestion is to gently rub damp cloth on your calico’s head and backs which can recreate the feel of cat grooming that involves using their tongue.

cat language i love you

Cat Language #4: Slow Blinking

Several cat behaviorists like Jackson Galaxy have claimed slow blinking to be a great cat language that mean “I love you.” While cats don’t have this exact translation, it’s the closest one to this expression. So, whenever you see your cat, practice this action and express your love with your cat. You’ll be surprised how your fur baby reacts.

cat language i love you photo by paul hanaoka

Now, try telling your cat “I love you” in their action language.

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