Why Cats Like Toilet Paper and How to Deal With it

One strange and messy thing about cats is their fascination with toilet paper. It’s odd enough when they want to accompany you to the bathroom, but things get weirder when your feline friend prefers playing around with the butt wipes instead of the teddy you bought for him. So, let’s find out why cats like toilet paper and how should you deal with it.

why cats like toilet paper

Why cats like toilet paper

There is no one definite answer to this. However, multiple theories and studies based on research and cat behavior observation can help give us clues.

One theory suggests that cats’ curiosity is peaked when they see humans using the toilet paper. Especially so if your fur baby is among those bathroom guards that just keeps following you to the toilet, staring at you while you do your business and making you a bit self-conscious despite yourself. So, when you use the toilet paper, cats observe it and can mimic your behavior. Of course, when they discover it has your scent- no, not your business’ scent but more on your human scent- the toilet paper becomes a more approved thing to discover.

Another theory suggests that after cats’ discover the soft texture of toilet papers, it becomes even more irresistible. As much as we like stroking our cats’ soft fur, the same satisfaction is possible for cats when they get their claws and paws on the light soft feel of toilet paper.

Finally, toilet papers “react” to cats’ touch. Unlike most toys that just remain still unless it’s continuously poked or touched, these rolled wipes moves in the slightest touch. And its “reactions” like getting shredded and unraveled can be a fun interactive toy cats can enjoy playing with. These are some of the plausible reasons why cats like toilet paper.

why cats like toilet paper dealing

How to deal with cats playing with toilet paper

It’s not very economic plus it tends to be messy when cats play with toilet paper. So, to keep your furry friend from TPs, one solution is to use a cup of water. Cats like toilet paper and most don’t like water. So, put a trap by balancing a cup of water on a roll of TP or place the cup beneath the TP if you’re hanging it. Once your calico decides to destroy the TP, the cup of water can fall on the floor or topple over which can create sound that will startle your cat. Also, the splashing of water can further add the “penalty” factor. It’s a simple reinforcement which can help discourage your cat from getting close to TP. Also, you’re letting your cat adjust its behavior on its own accord.

Another suggestion is to place tiny amounts of snacks around your house. This can let your cat “hunt” and keep her busy and entertained. On this note, try to give more playtime and stimulating games for your feline friend. A good amount of playtime will keep your cat from boredom and away from the temptation to destroy your TP.

Finally, close your bathroom door. If you just can’t help how much your cats like toilet paper, just keep them away from where your place your TPs. It’s an “out of sight, out of mind” solution for your cats and so you also won’t run out of your wipes.

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