5 ‘Hooman’ Things Your Cat Loves

Cats remain to be one of the most interesting animals to exist. They can be so random yet love to maintain their habits. They can like one thing and hate it the next minute. Cats’ intriguing personality can be really weird but lovable. To celebrate these curious beings, you may want to learn what things you have that your cats like but you might find strange. Here are 5 ‘hooman’ things your cat loves.

your cat loves clothes

Your Cat Loves Your Clothes

Cats loving their owners’ clothes especially dirty ones may make some cat parents purse their lips in disapproval and concern. Humans want to keep their dirty and most often smelly clothes away; it’s a wonder why cats find this alluring.

While you might think your smelly clothes are disgusting, this is one of the human things that your cat loves. The fact that you’ve used the cloth and it has your smell guarantees your furry friends it’s a safe and comfortable place for them. Cats trust their sense of smell and if they trust you too, they’ll most likely like spending time on your clothes. Moreover, most clothes are soft and comfortable which makes them an even greater place to hang out.

your cat loves laundry basket

Your Cat Loves Laundry Basket

In connection with dirty clothes, where you store them in can also make it a go-to place for your cats. Moreover, if your household shares a common laundry basket, this will get filled by all scents of your family members all the more enticing for your calicos. You may be wrinkling your nose by now but don’t worry, what is smelly for humans isn’t the same for cats.

Also, aside from having scents, a laundry basket offers the same appeal as boxes. It’s an enclosed space perfect for hiding. Cats love to hide and practice their cat instincts and laundry baskets offer a great spot to do these.

your cats love shoes photo by james pond

Your Cat Loves Socks and shoes

Okay, this is the last smelly thing on our list. We definitely have to add this one considering how socks and shoes can spell a lot like “human things” your cat loves.

Humans are the only mammals that don’t move barefooted. Our socks, especially our shoes, are things we often use daily for long hours and for many miles. Due to this, these things carry high concentration of our scents. And when it comes to things with human scents? It’s a big yes for cats.

Though another factor here isn’t just the human scent our footwear carries but also the various scents of the outdoors. Cats can smell our shoes and try to find out where their humans have been and what they did. So, be careful not to get too close to other animals or you’re in for an argument.

Your Cat Loves Toilet Paper

This is one of the human things that cats enjoy. There’s no definite answer as to why your cats love toilet paper but it’s one of the best toys for them.

Supposedly, toilet papers’ soft texture makes it an irresistible thing for your cats to get their paws and claws on. It seems as much as we love stroking our cats’ soft fur, the same is true for cats with toilet paper. Also, unlike other toys that just remain still, toilet paper moves in the slightest touch and “its” reactions like getting shredded and unraveled can be a fun interactive play for cats.

your cat loves laptop

Your Cat Loves Laptops

Unlike the smelly human things and the interactive toilet paper, what is it with laptops that your cat loves? The answer is you.

While you may get all the fun and interaction in your laptop, your cats have you. According to a cat behavior specialist, cats sit on spots like laptops or keyboards because they are where their favorite person spends most of their time. When they sit or rest on laptops, they can redirect their humans’ attention to them. Your cats may have noticed that if they take over laptops, you would either talk to them or pet them. This encourages their behavior of sitting or resting on these human things when they want your attention.

So, these are some of the human things your cat loves. If you wish to keep your fur babies away from these for your own reasons, giving them other things that still have your scent and are interactive will be great.

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