Cat Hollywood: Featuring 3 A-List Cat Celebrities

The popularity of cats in the internet has been booming and continues to do so. The amount of cat photos would even equate if not surpass Hollywood celebrities’ popularity in the internet. With the fame that they have, we’re dubbing the world of feline stardom as “Cat Hollywood” and these are 5 a-list cat celebrities you should know.


Maru is a celebrity cat with a Guinness World Record of having over 325 million YouTube video views of an individual animal. He is a male Scottish Fold that lives in Japan. His owner posts videos under the account name “mugumogu.” Mostly the videos feature Maru’s love for boxes and some of his popular videos show how he fits despite the boxes sizes being smaller than him.

Entertainment Weekly and The New York Times are among some that has featured Maru. Different businesses also chose Maru to model in advertisements and carry their brand. Maru is a truly hot celebrity cat.

cat celebrities lil bub

Lil Bub

Lil Bub is one of the cat celebrities that already have a website of her own. She’s the runt-of-the-litter who made her way to stardom after photos of her were uploaded in Tumblr and Reddit.

Lil Bub has dwarfism which means her limbs are disproportionately small. Due to this, Lil Bub can have difficulties moving around. Also, she’s a “perma-kitten” which means she’ll have a kitten-like size and features for her entire life. Despite the genetic anomalies of Lil Bub, she remains to be a healthy active cat. And while her abnormalities may have hindered her in some ways, it’s also due to it that Lil Bub became a much loved cat to date.

This celebrity cat has reportedly raised over $300,000 for other animals in need and she continue to be an inspiration and happiness to everyone.

cat celebrities grumpy cat

Grumpy Cat

Photos of Grumpy Cat would almost always show on cat-related searches on the internet. She has a permanent “grumpy” facial appearance that the internet clearly adored. Grumpy Cat’s first appearance on to the web was on 2012 in which her owner shared a photo of her frowning face.

Grumpy Cat’s real name is Tardar Sauce and her appearance isn’t edited in photos as early speculations suggested. Her permanent “grumpy” facial expression is due to an underbite and feline dwarfism. And even if Tardar will forever have this face, it is this uniqueness that landed her the “Grumpy Cat” title; she became one of the most iconic cats in the internet.

Being one of the a-list cat celebrities, Grumpy Cat works with multiple projects like ads and movies. Her net worth is estimated to be around at least $1 million. Her owner doesn’t want to reveal the exact amount but Tardar is truly a big-time celebrity.


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