Review 5 Human Food You Should Never Share with Your Cats

When we eat delicious food, we’d like to share it with our loved ones. This happens especially so when you hear a cute meow from an adorable fur baby. However, there are food that you can share and some that you can’t because it will endanger your cats’ health. So, for cat parents out there, review these 5 human food you like to eat and should never share with your cats.

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Some people might be taken aback by this. Aren’t we taught in school that cats love fish? Yes, that’s right. But it doesn’t mean tuna is good for cats, especially tuna made for humans. The kind of tuna that people consume may cause digestive problems to your feline friend. Reportedly, tunas are found to be one of the most common cause to steatitis for cats. It’s a painful disease caused by inflammation and yellowing of the fat tissue.

So, tuna is definitely one of the food you eat and should never share with your cats. On the other hand, there are tunas made into cat food which are good for cats.

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Once again, we remind cat parents not to feed their cats chocolate. Chocolates contain theobromine which is poisonous to cats. Moreover, chocolate also contains caffeine. Both of which are dangerous for cats.

Eating chocolates can cause muscle tremors, seizures and heart arrhythmias. So, while chocolates taste sweet for you, it’s detrimental to your cat’s health and so you definitely should not share it with them.



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Raw Eggs and Raw Meat

Some people eat raw eggs for its reported health benefits and some people eat raw meat depending on the kind of dish prepared. But to people who consume these kinds of food, there are warnings on getting salmonella or E. coli infection. Cats are also at risk with the same poisoning if they will consume raw eggs or meat. Moreover, raw eggs purportedly contain enzymes that can give your cats skin and coat problems.

As such, if you do eat raw eggs and raw meat, it’s better to never share with your cats.


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Grapes and Raisins


It’s still not clear as to why grapes or raisins can be so dangerous to our furry friends. However, it’s been already proven how even a small amount of either grapes or raisins can be dangerous to your cats’ health. The most lethal effect of consumption of these human food for cats is kidney failure. Within 12 hours of ingestion, cats can start showing signs of lethargy, repeated vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain, reduced appetite and urination. A more alarming thing is some cats show no symptoms of any illnesses after eating grapes or raisins until things get serious. So, while you can enjoy these two as food ingredients or snacks, you should never share with your cats. Also, make sure to keep them inaccessible to your fur baby.


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Dairy Products

Dairy products such as cheese or milk can cause diarrhea to cats. Any milk or dairy products from cows, goats or sheep can cause digestive issues to your cats because they’re unable to handle the lactose in them. So, even if you may have seen Tom in Tom and Jerry enjoy his bowl of milk or saw the same from other shows, remember that it’s a human food or drink you shouldn’t actually share or give your cats.


never share with your cats dairy products

There are some other more food that you should definitely never share with your cats. But in this article, we hope we helped cat parents review some of the human food that may seem okay to be fed to cats but actually aren’t. Next time, we’ll feature human drinks bad for your cats which every cat owner should know or remember. Finally, please do contact your veterinarian if you suspect your cat ate any of these foods.


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