Cat Rescue Story: Kitten Stuck 40 Feet Down a Water Well

A rescue team has received an alarming message from South Carolina. A kitten was stuck at the bottom of an approximately 60 feet water well in a 4-inch pipe. It’s supposedly been stuck there for four days. Clearly, a cat rescue was needed.

The rescue crew has immediately contacted someone in the area to assess the situation. The person then went and tried several attempts to help the poor kitty but is still unavailable to save it. Not wasting anytime, the rescue team flew over night to the place to try and help save the kitten. The team got there on the fifth day the kitten was stuck.

Cat rescue team arrives

rescue story kitten


The team arrived at the place early in the morning. Upon checking, they find out that house owner, Debra, connected a lot of branches and placed it down the hole hoping that the kitten will climb up. This clearly didn’t work, and the rescue team then used a fishing pole and removed the branch.



As they removed the branch pole, cat food also came to surface. It seemed that the owner dropped down food through the days just to make sure the kitty won’t starve. With the branch out of the way, the team can use their camera to go deeper into the hole and find the kitten.



As the rescue attempt proceeded, the kitten continued to cry. Its cries clearly sounded desperate and weak. The team kept calling out for the little cat to hopefully soothe it.

The camera goes further down the hole and when it got to 42 feet, the kitten was finally on sight.



Cat rescue begins

For five days the kitten held on while calling for help. It was a very worrying picture seeing the kitten helplessly stuck there but the rescue team was at least glad that the kitten fell feet first.

They find that the kitten seemed to keep falling asleep and he was shaking. As the team evaluated the situation the kitten was in, they figured out the device to help it out.



The team immediately started to work their rescue attempt. When they did, the kitty also seemed to know help is on the way and it can be seen in the camera that it was also using its energy to be part of it. The kitten was trying to climb its way up too.


The team’s first attempt of the cat rescue got so close, but it wasn’t enough. They realized the rope wasn’t working and had to make adjustments with their device.



The crew worked hurriedly and attempted their rescue again. This time, they managed to loop the rope around the cat’s neck and started pulling it out fast. At that point, everything was going smoothly until they got stuck. There was a problem with the positioning of their device and camera.

cat rescue story


While things were getting urgent the team tried to stay calm and work things through the cat rescue. And despite the hitches on their second attempt, finally, they saved the kitten!

Cat rescue success!


The rescue team finally saved the poor kitten after 5 days of getting stuck 40 plus feet down the hole. Of course, their rescue didn’t end there and they brought the kitty to a vet clinic to check for its overall health and help it fully recover.


cat rescue


Watch the full cat rescue story here.

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