3 Great Benefits of Probiotics For Cats

What are probiotics?

Probiotics are microorganisms, also known as “friendly bacteria,” that reside in the digestive tract. A healthy balance of bacteria in the gut is important for complete digestion and absorption of nutrients.

What are the benefits of probiotics for cats?

Cats, like humans, have natural friendly bacteria that maintains their health. However, environmental toxins, stressors, inadequate diet, illnesses and aging can ruin the healthy balance of bacteria in your cat’s gut. When this happens, good bacteria gets eliminated and the bad bacteria thrive causing digestive and overall health problems for your cat.

probiotics for cats

This is where probiotics come to your cat’s rescue. Probiotics help normalize and improve your calico’s immune function. When illnesses affect your cat’s digestive tract, the number of good bacteria drops significantly which makes your cat unable to recover or worse, develop more serious diseases.

These are some of the digestive tract problems your cat can get but you can help cure and prevent by probiotics: irritable bowel sydrome (IBS), inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), diarrhea, flatulence, food allergies and hairballs.

Furthermore, taking probiotics can reportedly prevent lymphoma. This is the common type of feline cancer that takes up around one-third of cat cancer cases. Lymphoma is linked to digestive problems which have damaged the gastrointestinal tract of your cats. Which is why helping keep your cat’s digestive health is saving your furry friend from deadly illnesses.

To sum it up, these are the three great benefits of probiotics for cats: aid digestive health, normalize and improve immune function and prevent deadly diseases.

Which probiotics for cats should I get?

There are many available probiotics for cats these days. The problem is choosing which one to get. So, we prepared and researched a product to recommend.

liquid probiotics for cats

Among the probiotics available these days, Mary Ruth’s Organic Liquid Cat Probiotics is a great product to choose. It’s certified organic and is corn, gluten, wheat, dairy, soy and nut free. So, you’re sure that your cat doesn’t consume any of these bad stuff for them.

Moreover, most probiotics come in freeze-dried state like in tablets. It might take a while for the bacteria in those mixtures to ‘wake up’ and the acid in your cat’s stomach can digest them already which then defeats the purpose of the probiotics. Liquid probiotics like Mary Ruth’s can introduce the bacteria immediately to your cat’s digestive tract which can have a better and faster effect.

This product has a comparably worthy value over others in terms of pricing. A bottle of this has a total of 160 servings compared to the 30-60 servings from others. Vets recommend that pet parents make probiotics a daily supplement for their cat’s health. So, with 160 servings of this product, you know it’s worth its price.

liquid probiotics for cats

Cats’ immunity is closely linked to the health of their digestive tract. As noted before, there are many probiotics for cats to choose from but if you’re having a hard time selecting one because you’re not sure what is best, we highly recommend Mary Ruth’s. It’s a product where you can get great quality and quantity for a fair price. It can be shipped to U.S. and Canada.

So cat parents, go and get your furry friends probiotics to keep their tummies healthy.

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