5 of the Loudest Cat Breeds You Should Meet

All cats meow to get their owners’ attention. However, some cats can keep up a really long conversation. Here are the 5 chattiest and loudest cat breeds you will meet.

loudest cat breeds siamese


Siamese is one of the loudest cat breeds known to many people. These cats have unique vocalization which those who’ve heard claim to sound like a human baby cry.

Siamese cats have naturally loud vocals so when they decide to vocalize at night, they can really disturb their owners’ sleep. To make up for this, they can entertain their humans the next day with an interesting long conversation. Yes, Siamese cats aren’t just loud but also talkative- it’s their charm.

loudest cat breeds burmese


Originating from the same land as Siamese cats, Burmese cat breeds also share the “loud” genes. However, Burmese cats are a bit toned down than Siamese. These cats vocalization are described to be pleasant.

Burmese cats are still among the loudest cat breeds, but their unique slightly raspy sweet voice makes them easier to listen to. Moreover, this breed loves giving and receiving cuddles. Well, at least their affection will complement their chattiness.

loudest cat breeds japanese bobtail

Japanese Bobtail 

Japanese Bobtail believed to be a cat breed that brings good luck. But apart from good luck, these cats also bring with them some good loud meows.

Like the Burmese, Japanese Bobtails have pleasant vocals which can make up for their loudness. But they’re more talented in terms of their ability to pull off full range of tones. Apparently, bobtails are aware they got some great cat voice so they love to hear themselves. So, go ahead and enjoy some conversation with this feline diva or just listen to its meow show.

loudest cat breeds oriental


Oriental cat breeds are often compared to Siamese cats due to having the same loud vocalization practices. To top it off, they are known to be loud ‘purrers.’ An Oriental cat’s purr is said to sound like trucks’ rumble. But while you might get the idea that these cats are like sound machines, they are very loveable ones.

Orientals are lively social cats that love to interact with their humans. They are claimed to be the breed that is actively involved in forming a bond with their owners. Furthermore, they can live up to 15 years or longer. That’s a long time to share a special relationship with this loud but loving cat breed.


loudest cat breeds tonkinese


Tonkinese cats are said to be produced by crossbreeding the Siamese and Burmese cats. Considering it’s a crossbreed between loud cats, you can tell how loud a Tonkinese can get.

Tonkinese cats love to talk. Moreover, it makes sure to produce loud meows so its human can hear what it has to say. This cat also has loud, powerful purrs. Tonkinese is not just one of the loudest cat breeds but it’s also among the most playful ones. Tonkinese cats are very lively and entertaining and their energy and playfulness are often compared to dogs. All of this considered, this is a cat breed with strong traits that make them fun and lovable.

There are more cat breeds known for being loud or could even get louder than these five. However, these are five of the loudest cat breeds that we think you should meet; it’s not just for their loudness but also for their unique personalities.

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