3 Basic Cat Necessities You Should Have

In a world dominated by humans, it’s our responsibility to look out for our furry friends. So if you have a cat or you’re planning to adopt one, take note of these three basic cat necessities.

cat necessities home


Providing a home for a cat seems easy. You bring a cat to your house and voila, you assume it now has a great home. But for the cat, it can just be a ‘hooman’s house where it can live.

It’s important for animals to be able to do the things they enjoy. A healthy environment for your cats is a place where it can do its cat things. To do that, you have to make sure your house has some of the basic cat necessities.

Buy a scratch post. You can share your furniture with your cat but unless you’re okay seeing scratches on your stuff, give your cat the perfect place to groom its claws. A good home also provides comfort and entertainment. Get your calico a soft bed and a few toys to play with. These don’t have to be expensive stuff since your cats don’t care for brands or whatnot. A nice bowl for the food is essential too! And for the special smelly needs, don’t forget a litter box.

It is also advisable to provide your cat a hiding box. This is important during their first entry into the house or if there will be changes in their environment. The box provides them a place to reduce stress and cope with their environment.

cat necessities food


No living being can survive without food and no cat prefers dry kibble over canned food.

Several veterinarians strongly recommend cat owners to feed canned food to their cats instead of dry kibble. Canned food or a balanced homemade cat diet provide your feline friends the nutrition they need.

Reportedly, cats need water-rich food because they don’t have a strong thirst drive compared to other animals. This is understandable considering that for wild cats, their prey usually contains around 70 percent water. This is the problem with dry food as it only contains around 10 percent water. Moreover, it’s very processed and uses plant-based protein instead of animal-based ones providing less nutrition for your cats.

The best alternative for domestic cats to have this water-rich diet is through canned food or homemade ones. As for treats, you can give your feline friend some cat snacks or even some of your own food. Just be sure to know what human food is allowed for your cat to have.

cat necessities cuddle


“Love is the greatest gift of all.”

Taking care of another living being besides yourself is a huge responsibility. But when you love someone, if you love your cat, you’re ready to give everything it needs and more.

Apart from providing basic cat necessities, your love for your cat will make you willing to go through a lot of things. For your feline friend’s health, you’ll make sure to pay for routine vaccination, proper nutrition, parasite control, spaying or neutering and other medical needs. You’ll also make great efforts to be sure your cat’s mental health is well taken care of. You’ll provide comfortable housing, toys and other mental stimulating stuff for it. Most of all, you’ll give your cat companionship and cuddles too!

Loving cats will make them love you too. Make sure to take note of these basic cat necessities to make your cats happy so you’ll be happy as well.

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