Understand 5 Meanings Behind Your Cat’s Meowing

When your cat is meowing at you, you know it needs something but you’re not sure what.

Some cat parents believe they know exactly what their cat needs. Unfortunately, this belief can lead to giving their cat not what it needs but just what it wants.  This mistake could negatively affect the cat’s health. To avoid this scenario, make sure you’re getting what your furry friend wants to tell you. Below are the five common reasons why your cat is meowing at you.

cat meowing

Meow, human

Meowing is a cat’s way to say “Hi!” to their ‘hoomans.’ It’s an exclusive communication of cats reserved for humans.

Studies noted that while kittens meow to get their mother’s attention, adult cats don’t have this reason. Cats also don’t, if rarely, converse with each other by meowing. This means your cat has cracked the code on how to communicate with you: meowing. So, when your cat meows, you better pay attention because he or she is trying to tell you something.

cat eating

I am meowing not because I’m hungry but because I want food

It seems that after cats knew that meowing works with their human, this evolved into a strategy to get what they want. Reportedly, over 50 percent of cats in the U.S. are overweight or obese. While cats love to eat, they don’t feed themselves, their humans do.

Cat parents overfeed their calicos either due to lack of proper information or their weakness of giving in to their cats’ meows. The first reason is unlikely for responsible cat parents, but the latter is highly plausible. If you want to keep your cat healthy, consult a vet to know the right amount of food for your cat. Most importantly, stick to that amount and don’t give in to their meows.

cat meowing

I have a meow for you and a different meow for others

Research reveals that domesticated cats have a specific meow for its human.

Cats have learned which set of meows and noises get their owners to react. This is the reason why some cat parents claim they know exactly what their cats need by their meows. What is more curious is that cats supposedly know how to adjust their meows or communication pattern depending on the human. A cat who lives in a household knows what works with each member of the family. It seems that cats are even more advanced in communication than we think.

cat outside

I am meowing because I feel the need to make some kittens

Yes, cats meow because they want to communicate with their humans. It’s also because it wants to tell you, or the whole neighborhood, that it’s looking for a mate.

Female cats meow a lot when in heat and male cats respond with the same loud yowls when they smell a female in heat. So when this time comes, expect to hear a broadcast of cats’ intimate meows. If you’d like to resolve this, read about spaying and neutering and how it benefits not only you but your cats.

orange cat meowing

I am meowing to let you know I may need to see a doctor

Cats meow not only because they want to let their humans know they want something. It could also be a health issue that makes them more vocal.

Stressed cats meow, possibly to let you know he or she is not happy with the new cat you got. It could also be because there’s a new baby in the house or due to some other changes in your cat’s environment. When this happens, try to give your cat some space, or a cardboard box if you have one. Boxes are proven to be helpful for cats coping with a stressful situation. Discover some details on why cats love boxes so much here.

Also, another important thing to look out for is injury. Your cat might have something on its paw that hurts, or it might be something internal. It could also be that your cat is aging and is starting to develop some cognitive dysfunction. If your cat keeps meowing, and you considered and proved it isn’t just for the common reasons, it’s best to consult with a veterinarian.

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