Is Your Kitty Ready for this Year’s Easter Party?

Is your home cat-proof for Easter?


Easter is just a couple of days away and this is another time of the year when friends and family come together and enjoy each other’s company over food, lots of stories, gifts, and of course, candies and chocolates for the young ones and the young at heart. And when we say family, this includes our cats. They are not excluded from the good times, but as a responsible cat owner, there are some things that we should be wary of.

1. Keep chocolates away

When there are kids around, there would always be sweets and chocolates. They could drop some of their half-eaten treats on the floor, which could attract hungry kitties. Chocolates are a no-no to cats, and these get even more toxic if they contain artificial sweeteners like xylitol and aspartame.

2. No alcohol!

Come on, what is a fun party without a little booze, right? However, make sure that your alcoholic drinks are inaccessible to your kitties. If you are serving some punch on a bowl, make sure that you place it somewhere your cat can’t reach, or have it covered. They might mistake it for water and that small mishap could lead to an emergency visit to the vet on Easter day.

3. Keep them comfortable

Some cats get anxious when there are guests around. The new faces, strange smells, loud talks and laughs, and all the commotion could be frightening to your cat, especially when you don’t hold a lot of parties in your house very often. It could cause them to display oddly nervous behaviors, or worse, try to run away when the door is left open.

It is best to keep them in another room and play some relaxing music loudly so it drowns out the noise outside. Make sure they feel comfy, and bring in their water bowl and litter box. Don’t forget to check on him or her from time to time, though!

4. Secure the trash

After every party comes the trash. The trash bin could be full of tempting leftover food and choking hazards for your cat. He or she could even find cooked bones in there that could splinter into sharp pieces and cause internal damage. Make sure that the trash bin is firmly covered. Better yet, put something heavy on top of it so your cat could not open it.

5. Toxic Easter Lilies

Easter lilies are beautiful, but they sure are toxic to cats. Other substitutes could also pose toxic danger to your kitties. Politely request your guests not to bring these flowers and offer other safer alternatives. There are other equally pretty flowers that are non-toxic to your cat, just make sure you do your research before you let your kitty get near them.

Do you have some more Easter safety tips to share?

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