Are You Planning to Get Another Cat?

Ready for cat number 2? or 3? or 4?


Okay, so you have mastered taking care of a cat that you believe you’re ready for another one. Sure, you could be ready, but have you asked your resident cat if he or she is ready for another cat in the house?

Taking in another cat could be a recipe for disaster or a recipe for a lovelier home with 2 cats that enjoy—or at least tolerate–the company of each other.

The first step in creating a harmonious relationship between your two cats is choosing another cat that would blend well with him or her, your household, and your lifestyle.

Cats that grew up or previously lived with other cats are more likely to get along with another cat, than a cat that grew up alone in a household.

Choosing a new kitty

First, study your cat and learn about his or her favorite habits. It is more probable that he or she would get along well with another cat that has similar habits as him or her. However, consider their age differences. It is not a good idea to introduce a kitty or adolescent cat to an older or grumpy cat.


Cats are highly territorial and they fight tooth and nail for their territories. Hence, make sure that before you bring another cat home, he or she already has a separate “territory”. His or her place should also have separate feeding and water bowls, litter box, scratching post, and a comfortable are for resting.

Ensure that both areas have hiding places that the cats could retreat to when needed.

As soon as you arrive home with the new kitty, play with him or her and your other cat/s for an hour or two per day. If either or any of the cats show signs of stress or aggression, give him or her some time to get accustomed to the new cat. Otherwise, you could have them trade territories for a day or two to get them used to each other’s scents.

Patience is the key to create a happy home with 2 or more cats living together comfortably. However, if taking time to adjust to the new creature didn’t work, it pays to consult a veterinarian or a cat behaviorist to offer an expert opinion on the matter.

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