We Bet You Didn’t Know These 6 Cat Facts!

How much do you really know your kitty?

Cats are amazing creatures; we bet you know that by now. But did you know that besides from being awesome companions and adorable pets, there are more to these furry babies than meets the eye. We have created a list of cool facts about your kitty that you probably didn’t know.

1. Cats can predict earthquakes

Yes, your kitty cat is a walking and sweetly adorable seismograph. The pads on their paws are extra sensitive and they could feel the vibrations on the ground. Some experts also believe that cats are highly sensitive to Earth’s magnetic fields, which enables them to detect trouble from a distance.

Other experts consider, though, that this ability of cats stems from their knack for feeling small tremors before a huge one happens.

This has not been proven, but there are numerous anecdotal records of cats sensing earthquakes before they happened.

2. Cats could control you

This might not be surprising at all, since you already give in to their cuteness, but studies show that cats could actually vocalize when they want something; and change those vocalizations to sound more urgent and get you to your feet.

3. Cats dream too

Cats have the same brain wave patterns as you do when you are dreaming. When you see them twitching or moving or even vocalizing while they sleep, there’s a good chance that they’re dreaming.

4. Cats don’t understand punishment

Punishing cats is useless because they do not understand punishments. Try on positive reinforcement by praising or giving him or her treats when he or she does something good; but spare him or her when mishaps happen. That’s just cruel.

5. Head butts show their love

When cats bump their head into you, it’s a sign that they like you. They would do this to other cats or other pets as well. Experts and cat behaviorists believe that bunting is their way of sharing facial pheromones with you.

6. They like giving you dead stuff

Don’t act appalled or disgusted when they bring you smaller dead animals. Your generous and thoughtful kitty just wants to share his or her prey with you; although it’s not very cute when you wake up with a dead mouse on your bed.

Or your cat probably thinks you’re not eating enough so he or she brought you something to eat.

Cats are intelligent creatures and science is still trying to study this complex creature. We hoped these facts made you understand them more, though. Nevertheless, there’s only one thing that our cats need: our love. Give your cat some love today and everyday!

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