Cat Cats Fly: Tips for Flying with Your Cat

Do you have your Summer #Travelgoals with your cat already? 🙂


Summer a.k.a. the season of vacations is just around the corner and we’re sure you have already planned this year’s destination/s.

However, travelling a lot means spending less time with your cat, and anxiously worrying about him or her while you are somewhere out there.

Fortunately, you could bring your beloved kitty along. If you are planning a long drive, that’s fine; if you’re flying, though, could you bring your cat with you?

Can cats fly?

Fortunately, yeah, but you would have to check your preferred airline policy regarding pets. A lot of airline companies permit pets to fly, as long as your kitty is well-behaved and could fit in the carrier that they will provide. This is where he or she would stay for the duration of the flight.

Is my cat safe there?

If you have a big kitty, some airlines offer a pet check option, which will put your kitty in a temperature controlled and pressurized below-cabin area.

Kitty Flying Do’s and Don’ts:


1. Ensure that you have all your cat’s vaccine records when you fly.
2. Give your cat some extra time to stretch and run around before the flight. He or she’s going to be stuck inside a carrier during the flight, so let him or her stretch his legs.
3. Consult your vet if he or she could recommend some anxiety-relieving strategies or medications to help your cat cope with the stress of flying.
4. Let your cat relieve him or herself in the litter box before flying.
5. Bring portable snacks and water bowls for your cat on the plane.


1. Give your cat medications or sedatives without consulting your veterinarian first.
2. Squeeze your cat in a carrier that’s too small for him or her. The carrier should have enough space so your cat could at least more around a bit, and slightly sit up if necessary.
3. Book your flight last minute. Some airlines limit the number of pets that could be brought during the flight.

Are you planning your #travelgoals with your cat in the near future? Where are you off to? 

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