Caring for Kittens: Feeding Time 101

Just like kids who have different dietary needs than adults, kittens, too, have a different diet than those of mature cats.

Feeding him or her correctly with the proper food at the proper time is the first step in ensuring that he or she grows into a healthy cat.

What kinds of food should they eat?

Cats are naturally carnivores and kittens need lots of protein for their growth and development. The largest chunk of his or her protein should come from an animal source rather than from plants. Likewise, kitties need more calcium and phosphorus than grown cats.

While kittens can survive on an adult cat’s diet, they would respond better to food suited for their needs. They are more likely to grow faster and be more efficient cats if they start out on a diet that could provide the nutrients that they need.

Which is best: canned, wet, or homemade?

There are a lot of options in the market and it is actually dizzying to find the one that’s best for your kitten. The most important point is finding the cat food that could give a balanced diet for your kitty. For canned cat food, check the label first and weigh your options based on the completeness and if it has been actually tested on trial feedings.

If you prefer to make homemade meals for your kitten, work side by side a veterinarian to ensure that you’re feeding a balanced cat food for your furbaby. Please do not just throw kitchen scraps or leftover food and feed it to your kitten.

Raw meals are still controversial, since these could cause intestinal infections and parasitism that could even be passed on to you. However, some cat owners feel like raw diet is much more natural. Whichever you prefer, make a thorough research first and weigh in your options based on what you find out. Also, consult your vet for his or her professional opinion.

How much and how often should kittens be fed?

It actually depends on what food you prepare for your kitten. Dry kibble could be left out like a buffet for him or her. If you prefer wet food, though, don’t leave them out too long, since they could spoil easily.

Kittens and adult cats should be fed to maintain a lean body. If your kitten is gaining weight fast, it’s time to cut back on both the frequency of the feeding and the amount of the cat food served.

Don’t forget the H2o!

Water is just as important as any nutrients. Hence, your kitten should always have access to fresh clean water whenever she or he feels the need to drink.

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