Life Hacks to Make Car Trips with Your Cat Smoother

No cat sitter? No worries!

Summer is just around the corner and it ain’t gonna be a summer to remember without those relaxing road trips! If you have a cat and it makes you worried sick to leave him or her alone, or if you’re having trouble finding a cat sitter, then fret not! You can bring your cat in the car with you! However, you have to prepare your trip well for your furry friend.

Here are a few tips to make your journey more fun and less stressful for both you and your cat:

1. Let your cat get familiar with your car

We’ve seen a lot of cute and happy dogs that are enjoying road trips with their faces out the window and letting the wind whip their faces silly. Cats are a bit different and they might need a little getting used to before they enjoy road trips. The first step is to familiarize them with your car.

Kitties are not enthusiastic on new terrains, and unless you take them every day to work, your car is a new environment to them.

Start by taking him or her in your car and letting him or her sniff and walk around in it. Maybe take him or her for a short drive around the block to see how he or she would respond to it.

2. Consult your vet for medications

Cats can get motion sickness too! If you’re planning to take on a long drive, the vet can prescribe some herb-based or relaxants to keep your kitty relaxed throughout the trip. Your vet has a lot of ways and medications that he could prescribe to soothe your cat during your journey.

3. Give your cat a little food and water before the trip.

It helps to give him or her a few more time with her litter box as well. If your cat does get very ill during travel, though, keep the snacks to a minimum.

4. Bring your cat’s carrier

It is not safe to have your kitty walking around while you drive. She could get under your feet and distract your driving. Carriers provide a safe place for your cat, and it could help curb the anxiety that she feels. Moreover, it keeps your cat secured during pit stops.

5. Brace your car for “accidents”

It is a good idea to line your car with liners or some old towels to make clean up easier if your cat makes an “accident”. Bring large plastic bags for soiled towels as well.

6. Bring a kitty leash

Give your cat some time to stretch her legs (and yours as well) during pit stops. Put him or her on a leash and let him or her walk around for a few minutes before going on the road again.

7. Make sure that your cat’s collar has a microchip

It’s not unnatural that your cat might get spooked and run away, especially if it’s his or her first time on the road. Hence, it is wise to have him or her microchipped so you could still track her if something like this happens.

8. Pack some toys

Bring some new and exciting toys to keep your cat occupied during the trip. It could take his or her mind off motion sickness too.

9. Drive safely

Your cat might already be stressed during the trip. Don’t add to it with loud music and sudden breaks. Drive smoothly and keep music down low. Pet him or her a bit during red lights to soothe your cat and help him or her feel secured.

Most of all enjoy your travels! Stay safe and happy with your cat!

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