Preventing 5 of the Most Common Cat Accidents at Home

An ounce of prevention is still worth a pound of cure. Sometimes, it could even save a life.



The typical life span of a healthy and well-loved cat can exceed 15 years. It could even go for more than 15 years in some cats. However, no matter how healthy and well taken care of a cat is, its life could still be cut short by a tragic accidents that could have been avoided.

Here are 5 preventable accidents and how to avoid them from happening to your cat:

1. Getting hit by a vehicle

Most cats’ demise is often caused by getting hit by a vehicle. This is one of the top reasons why animals—not only cats—are brought to the veterinary emergency room. Even though you have an outdoor cat, you can still do some preventive measures to keep him safe.

If you have the budget, you could get an invisible fence installed for your kitty. Simply put the collar around her neck and it will keep him or her inside the designated area.

If that is not financially possible, though, you could go for the traditional enclosed fence that your kitty could play and wander in. However, if you feel like your cat is still asking for more freedom, the least you could do is to put up a “Cat Crossing” sign to alert motorists to be more careful when driving around your area.

2. Poisoning

From houseplants, to cleaning agents, to human food, there are a lot of substances that are poisonous to your cats. Your worst enemy is ignorance and your best weapon is education. Study what are toxic to your cats, and avoid them at all costs. If they could not be totally avoided, at least store them in places that your kitty don’t have access to.

3. Leaving strings around

Cats love to play with strings. They go completely berserk while playing with these things. Although they look cute nibbling on these strings, accidents could happen when they ingest a substantial amount and had to be surgically removed from their insides.

4. Cat fights

If you have another cat or even other animals at home, there’s no guarantee that they would be best friends forever 24/7. If you have 2 cats at home, there’s a tendency that they’d fight at some point in their lives. Cats have sharp pointed teeth that could puncture through tissues. These puncture wounds, unlike dog bites, are sometimes unnoticeable until they get severely infected.

If your cats seem heated, separate them until they both calm down and cool off.

5. Turning the dryer on with your cat in it

A dryer is a warm snuggly place that cats love cozying in. A lot of cats have met accidents inside dryers. These tragic accidents happen mostly when there are already clothes in the dryer, cat decides to chill in there, the owner doesn’t notice the cat and loads up more clothes, then turns the machine on.

Make sure that your cats don’t have access to the laundry room, or make sure to keep the dryer closed when not in use.

Prevention is still better than cure. Do you have any more ideas on how to prevent cat accidents at home?

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