What to Do if Your Cat Goes Missing

One minute you see your pet, the next, he or she’s gone. What would you do if your cat goes missing?

It is devastating to lose a pet, even emotionally debilitating. It is something that you wouldn’t wish on your worst enemy because it’s that painful, and the missing pet would be in misery too.

I can’t help but be sad whenever I see “Missing Cat” (or dog) flyers in the neighborhood. It’s hard to imagine how both the owner and pet would be feeling.

Locking your homes shut will not guarantee that you pet/s couldn’t escape. It still happens. Just in case, though we hope not, it happens to you, here’s what to do:

1. Keep calm

Yes, this is near impossible. It is definitely hard to stay calm and focused when you’re panic-stricken and worried sick. However, you have to keep in mind that you have to locate them as soon as possible and freaking out would only delay it. Every minute counts in this dire situation, because the longer they are missing, the farther they could travel, and thus, the harder it would be to locate them. Take a deep breath so you can come up with a plausible plan to find your pet.

2. Check your neighborhood

We’re sure that you have already checked every nook and cranny in your house to look for your pet. Now it’s time to go out and look for him outside. You can also ask around your neighbors if they saw your cat. No worries, if they have not seen him or her, it doesn’t mean that they wouldn’t see him or her in the coming days. The important thing is that they have been alerted that your pet is missing.

3. Call and visit local shelters

After searching for your pet in the entire neighborhood, it is also wise to drop by your local shelters just in case your cat has been turned in there. Talk to the employees, look at the cats in cages, and try to visit every day until your at is found, since new cats come in daily.

4. Post flyers

Make sure that the picture you choose to be on the flyers is clear and any distinctive features of your cat could be seen clearly. Don’t give too many details, though, lest you become a victim to scams.

5. Utilize the help of social media

Facebook, Instagram, and other social media channels have a way of expanding your flier’s reach, so it’s a good idea to post it out there as well. You can ask your friends to share it on their walls too, so more people could see it.

6. Help your cat trace your smell

It is helpful to leave out a piece of clothing that you previously wore, so your cat could trace your scent. Putting out a bowl of his or her favorite food, or even his/her litter box, could lure him or her back home.

7. Don’t ever give up

Your pet is counting on you. Don’t ever give up. A lot of missing pets have been brought home because of the steely resolve of their owners to get them back.

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