Your Cat’s Meow and Howl: What to Do to Curb Cat Calling

Does your cat always force you to listen to “the song of its people?”



Cats can be as talkative and communicative as dogs, too. This is most especially true for Siamese cats. If you own one, you may expect him or her to give you an earful of meowing and howling, particularly during day time.

Now this is fine, since you are probably at work, or you are wide awake so you would not mind the extra noise.

However, if you were dead tired from work and was looking forward to a good sleep, incessant cat howling may not be a very welcome idea.

Even though it’s day time, you might need some quiet time and your cat’s howling can come off as a nuisance. Hence, here are some ways to lessen the meowing and the howling:

1. Make sure they are properly fed

When cats go hungry, they would call your attention by meowing incessantly. Make sure they have enough food and are fed properly.

2. Give them the cold shoulder

If you attend to your cat’s beck and call each time they meow or howl, it will give them the impression that their constant howling and meowing will get your attention. If you want to curb this habit, give them the cold shoulder every once in a while, as long as they are safe and fine.

3. Check them for injury

If your cat starts to meow or howl for no apparent reason, it is best to check them for injuries. If the meowing still persists and you can’t find the source of the pain, take them to the vet immediately.

4. Spay your cat

When cats are in heat, they meow and howl to find a mate. You may spay them at 5 to 6 months; because that’s the time they reach sexual maturity.

5. Give them access to the cat door

Sometimes, even the most pampered cat still prefers to play and enjoy the outdoors. Once they feel like going inside, they will meow and howl again. If they have access to the cat door, they can go in and out anytime they please and they don’t need to ask you to open the door for them.

6. Older cats

Cats are somehow like humans when they get older. They might meow and howl during the night because of disorientation or they simply couldn’t find their way around the house. If your cat seems disoriented, schedule him for a check-up with the vet.

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