Do You Understand What Your Cat is Trying To Say?

Curious if your cat is trying to tell you something? Read on!

More than a hundred million—okay, I don’t really know the exact number, but I’m sure there are many—house cats are hugged, petted, fed, and loved all over the globe. My kitty, Frances, is one of them.

Whenever I see funny cat memes and videos, I chuckle to myself and say, “that’s Frances, alright.”

While she’s the only one I have right now, she definitely manifests a lot of cat behaviors I see on memes and videos. So why do cats do what they do?

1. Suddenly biting or scratching you when you pet them

One minute you’re playing then suddenly their fangs or claws have already sunk on your hand. This is the sign that he or she has probably had enough of your petting. While some cats like your affection, some of them tend to get over-stimulated so they react on impulse by scratching or biting you.

Watch out for other signs like dilated pupils, flattened ears, tail lashing or tense muscles.

2. Knocking things off tables and counters

While some cats are naturally clumsy, most cats would purposely knock stuff tables to get your attention.
However, if you let them feel that you’re amused by what they’re doing, they might continue to do this because they think they’re amusing you.

3. Looking at you straight in the eye then slowly blinking

This behavior is probably the sweetest, as it probably means “I love you” in cat language. This gesture is an indication that your cat likes and trusts you. The next time you see your cat manifesting this behavior, acknowledge it by slowly blinking back as well.

4. Freaking out over cucumbers

This is hysterical and I am one of the guilty one who laughed my head off while watching Youtube videos of cats freaking out over a cucumber.

While this behavior may seem funny, it isn’t one bit amusing to cats. According to experts, it is possible that the freaking out is the cat’s initial reaction because it thought that the cucumber was a snake/predator.

Whatever they thought the cucumber was, it isn’t nice to stress out your pets, and it could pave the way for more serious issues in their behaviors.

5. Obsession over boxes

Empty boxes attract cats like magnet. Leave an empty box out there and you cat will make a home out of it in no time. According to several studies, your kitty likes hiding in boxes to reduce short term stress. Cats like to feel protected, so viewing the world—or the surroundings at least—safely inside a box is a welcome idea for them.

So if you think that your cat’s behavior is bizarre, no worries, that’s just normal. 😉

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