Why Spaying and Neutering Your Cats is Actually Good For Them

Spaying and neutering has a string of health benefits for your cats, aside from the obvious population control.

Cats are hands down one of the cutest pets you could ever own, however, having an overpopulation of cats in shelters does not sound too cute anymore. Naturally, we can’t do much about it because they have an instinct to breed and multiply. Science has found a way to solve this problem, though: spaying and neutering.

If you think it’s cruel or it’s going to hurt your pet, it’s actually the otherwise. Spaying and neutering also come with a string of benefits for your cats, aside from the obvious population control.

Spaying is the surgical removal of the cat’s ovaries and uterus, while neutering is the removal of the tom cat’s testicles. Between the two, spaying requires a more major surgery than the latter, since it involves creating an incision to the cat’s lower abdomen. Neutering, on the other hand, just consists of creating a small incision on the scrotum to remove the testicles.

You don’t have to worry. Though these procedures may sound a bit intense, both procedures are very common, and can be performed by a vet on kittens as young as 8 weeks old.

So what do these do for your cats?


1. The risk for developing mammary gland tumors is greatly decreased. Sadly, 90% of the cats diagnosed with mammary gland tumors that turned into cancer, die. Spaying your cats before her first heat greatly reduces the chances of her getting this disease.

2. Spaying eliminates the possibility of developing pyometra, a fatal uterine infection.

3. By removing your cat’s uterus and ovaries, the stress on your cat’s body due to her monthly heat cycles is greatly reduced.

4. It also wipes out the risk for serious complications for your cat during the birthing process.


1. Male cats that have

2. Neutering your tom cat takes out the aggressiveness in him. This saves him from getting in a fight with other males and sustaining serious injuries.

3. Neutered males are less likely to stray from home.

All in all, spaying and neutering your cats are a wise move to keep your cats healthy and to control their population.

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