Heathy Eating Habits For You And Your Cat


Fasting as a therapeutic activity has always been beneficial to both human and animal health. It has been employed in medical processes as far back as history dates. Obesity (excessive weight), comes with a lot of health risk such as diabetes and many other sickness associated with it. Fasting is one of the most effective methods for curbing obesity. Moreover, fasting is one of the greatest healing methods you can perform on yourself or your cats.

How It Works

When in the fasted state the body enters into a deep detoxification throughout the entire system. Toxins get pulled from every cell, the liver cleanses itself, every organ in the digestive tract takes a break from processing food. Healthy gut flora heals itself and gets rid of excess harmful bacteria. The mitochondria cleanses and resets itself for greater charging function (more efficient energy production). The hormonal glands down such as serotonin, dopamine and adrenals regulate, cleanse and reset themselves.

The brain produces more of  the protein called brain derived neutrophic factor (BDNF). This unique protein creates more neuronal elasticity making the brain and body more adaptive to stress. Plus it assists with higher brain function. Insulin response is optimized. Growth hormone is increased by as much as 2000%. This enters the body into a very potent anti inflammatory healing process. Studies were conducted with rats indicating that the life span of certain animals can be increased by as much as 50%.


This way of eating assists in the prevention of many diseases and ailments such as different types cancer, diabetes, kidney disease among many others.

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When we look at the siblings and ancestors of our house cats such as lions and other jungle cats. They tend to only eat once every couple of days. However, this isn’t advised for your kitty. I am sure you would quickly discover heavy protest for hours on end.

However, it is advised to try to keep the feeding hour within an 8 hour window on daily basis, providing 16 hours of intense healing for you cat (or yourself if you wish). Simply try it for a little while and see how well your cat adapts to this new eating schedule. Please be sure to consult your veterinary prior to introducing this to your kitty.


It’s About Balance

Cats unlike humans cannot think of storing food when it is available in excess. A cat will eat all the food provided for it until it satisfies it hunger, even if it means eating all day. It’s left to the owner to control the rate at which his/her cat eats and what it eats. In a simple sentence, only the owner can control the eating habits of his/her cat.

That being said, it doesn’t mean you should starve your cat; it should be fed regularly with the right amount of calories each day, but should be made to fast intermittently in order to enter into this state of body optimization. Feeding your cat eight out of twenty-four hours on the fasting day should do the job, and it’s ok to have days here and there where your cat eats all throughout the day.

Intermittent fasting for your cat can increase its life span by up to fifty percent. A few final notes on how this can benefit your kitty include:

  • Fasting helps prevents feline hepatic lipidosis (a disease caused by an accumulation of fat in the liver, which prevents normal functioning).
  • Fasting also helps reduce hyperlipidemia (high cholesterol).
  • It helps reduce harmful bacteria (that thrive on fast release sugars).
  • It helps in the reduction of growing cancer cells that may be present.

Intermittent fasting is quite possibly one of the greatest healing practices you can do for your cat… or for yourself.  If you would like more information on intermittent fasting please leave a comment below.

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