Treatments for Cats With Urinary Tract Issues

Treatments for Cats With Urinary Tract Issues- Considering Preventive and Natural Methods

Although feline urinary tract infection (UTI) is common, it can also become serious. If you suspect your cat has this problem, get to your vet right away to get it properly diagnosed. Finding the right treatment quickly is critical in order to keep the infection from spreading. A cat’s urinary tract is quite delicate. Unfortunately, there are far too many opportunities for cats to come into contact with the bacteria that leads to infection. While it is likely your vet may prescribe antibiotics, you may also consider natural treatments.

Some Reasons To Combine Natural Treatments With Conventional Ones

  • Antibiotics impair immunity function. While they wipe out the disease causing bacteria effectively, in the process they also eliminate the beneficial bacteria in the body.
  • Additionally, antibiotics also may inhibit proper digestion and cause intestinal distress and irregularity. So be sure to give your cat some probiotics to alleviate intestinal distress.
  • Natural treatments generally have less side effects and in addition to eliminating disease, they provide the additional benefit of soothing and restoring the urinary tract and encourage the return of easy urinary flow.

Help Prevent Kitty UTI

Always keep an eye on your cat’s water supply. Make sure it’s fresh and that there is always enough available. This way, your cat’s body will be able to flush out toxins effectively. The ideal set-up for your cat is to use a fountain. Cats are naturally more drawn to drink from water sources that are flowing.

Keep your cat’s diet as simple and natural as possible. Avoid foods with preservatives, unnecessary fillers, and artificial coloring. Read labels carefully before buying. Use your purchasing power to maximize the quality of your cat’s food supply.

Be sure to keep the litter box very clean. Also keep it in a readily accessible location. They should not have any reason to hesitate using the box and be able to urinate as much as they need to.

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We talked to a person specializing in holistic cat care and they suggested making a tea with organic chaga . We give it to our cats to drink once a month for prevention.



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