What To Expect With Bengal Cats-Learn About Their Uniqueness

What To Expect With a Bengal Cat: Learn About Their Unique Features

Often cat lovers are attracted to Bengal cats because they look wild like a leopard. They are a cross of an Asian leopard and a domesticated cat. They possess a gentle and likable temperament with their human companions. Nonetheless, they still retain their awesome hunting skills. Don’t let them outdoors unless you want to deplete your neighborhood’s bird population!

Top 4 Reasons To Choose Bengal Cats

  1. They’re trainable. You can teach them how to go on walks with you and fetch things.
  2. They often use their intelligence for very amusing mischief. This makes them very entertaining at times.
  3. They often show more caring behaviors towards their humans, less indifferent than average cats.
  4. It’s fun to watch their playful games. They sometimes jump very high and look absolutely adorable!

Distinctive Features of Bengal Cats

  • Highly contrasted colorful coat with distinctive spots and rosettes.
  • Horizontal striping alongside the eyes that look like eyeliner.
  • Their eyes are large and are usually bright blue or green.

Fun Facts About Bengal Cats

  • They love playing in water. They will actually jump in a tub or may come to visit you in the shower!
  • Guard your fish tank. They’ve been known to go hunting.
  • Bengals like to find the highest point in their environment and perch there regularly.
  • They often love small kids and engage in cute games with them.

A Few Special Care Notes for Bengal Cats

  • Firstly, they are very intelligent so they need complex toys to stay occupied. When they get bored, they may start tearing things up!
  • Last but not least. They keep their litter box clean. They are very fussy and won’t do their business in an unclean place. Prevent them from leaving you an unexpected “surprise”!

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If you have a Bengal cat on they way perhaps this will provide you with some insight on what to expect. However, all cats tend to have their own surprises within in the uniqueness of their individuality. Which makes it so enjoyable to have them in our lives. Let us know in the comments below of what your kitty is like. Do they have any unique characteristics? Do they have any crazy habits? How about some interesting behavior that you don’t often see with other cats. We love all kitties here, so we will be more than pleased to hear about yours.


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