A Natural Vet’s Guide to Homemade Flea Remedies

Homemade Flea Remedies—Help Your Cat Stay Healthy and Happy

Nothing is worse than seeing your kitty helplessly itching and scratching away. Fleas are nasty little parasites that are very tricky to get rid of. They make cats very uncomfortable. Worse yet, sometimes their fur comes out and they get terrible sores. Don’t panic—although this seems to be a helpless situation, there are many effective home remedies to help your cat’s flea problem.

Why Do Cats Get Fleas?

Cats can get fleas anywhere. They may be especially prone if they are outdoor cats. Fleas are parasites that need a host with a high body temperature. They require damp and warm environments to thrive. Once they get a hold of a host, they start reproducing and do not stop. If the problem goes on for too long, your poor kitty will face a very bad situation. They are helpless in controlling it on their own, but you can learn some ways to assist.

Prevention is Better Than Cure

The main prevention methods include vacuuming, keeping floors mopped and disinfected. It has been recommended by many that fleas are repelled by salt, so you can use salt water to mop your floors. Salt water can also be sprayed on your carpets before vacuuming. Mop water that includes lemon and white vinegar is also effective.

Regularly washing bedding in hot water is also crucial for keeping a flea free house.

Additionally, you can also sprinkle your cat’s bedding with food grade diatomaceous earth(DE), a natural mineral powder that destroys fleas. This can also be applied to the cat in acute conditions.

Some Natural Homemade Flea Remedies for Your Cat’s

Perhaps organic apple cider vinegar is a good first step. The ratio you can use is 2:1 vinegar to water. While it does not kill the fleas, it makes them jump off your cat and gives some relief. Don’t be afraid to soak your cat’s fur with organic apple cider vinegar and comb it through.

Some people have luck in reducing flea populations by attracting them to bowls of soapy water that are placed under bright lights. They are attracted to the warmth and light and end up drowning.

Need A New Kitty Bed? Here Is A Great Selection For You

In conclusion, there are many products available at pet stores and online, but these simple methods have proven records of success. The best medicine for fleas is proactive attention—nip them in the bud before the situation gets out of control. Thes best method for this is to comb and inspect your cat’s fur every day.

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