Cat Behavior 101: What’s Your Kitty Saying to You?

Welcome to Cat Behavior 101: Learn What Your Cat is Telling You

Cat behavior is an interesting topic, as our feline friends tend to be a bit mysterious. Nonetheless, we feel compelled to do what we can to understand our furry loved ones.  Let’s take you through some basics.

Cat Body Language

Cats use their tails a lot to communicate. When the tail is high, s/he is happy. When the tail is held low and between the legs, they are feeling fearful. Tail twitching means s/he is excited, while tail vibrating means s/he is very excited to see you.

When your cat rubs their tail against you, it is a ritual they do to greet you.

When a cat jumps on you and kneads their paws, they are remembering when they used to nurse with their mom. If your cat does this with you, they are relaxed and happy.

Laying on the back with the belly exposed means your cat is very relaxed and secure. A defensive cat will never expose the places on their body where vital organs could be injured.

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You may have seen your cat sometimes hiding limbs beneath the body and bringing the tail very close. This happens when s/he does not want to be seen and is essentially trying to hide. It means kitty is feeling insecure.

Learn Meow Speak

Lastly, cats also use different kinds of meows to “speak.” Each cat has their own indications, all are unique. When you tune into your cat, you can learn “meow speak.” There is a hungry meow, a meow of greeting, a meow of being locked inside a room, and a meow when they see another cat. You can learn to distinguish them.

Its helpful to learn the basics of how your cat uses their body language to communicate. It will help you understand how they’re feeling whether they are sick, stressed, happy or need attention.

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