DIY Cat Shelter for Outdoor/Stray Cats

Try This DIY Cat Shelter for Cats That Go Outdoors—Keep Your Feline

Friends Safe From the Elements

If you have a cat who spends time outdoors or notice a stray or feral cat around, you worry when it’s cold out. We found this great video on YouTube that describes an easy method to create a DIY cat shelter for putting your mind at ease. Your outdoorsy cats will thank you for helping to keep them dry and warm!

Supplies You’ll Need

We’ll give this to you as a guideline only. Feel free to substitute equivalents according to your budget to make your DIY cat shelter. Chances are you may even have some things around your house to use so you don’t have to go out and buy much.

  • Containers: You need 2. One has to fit into the other. It can be a plastic crate or box or a cardboard box that will consequently be wrapped in duct tape.
  • One 4 inch pvc plastic pipe roughly 6 inches long, you will need one for each shelter
  • Insulation: This can be old cloth like cut up clothes or sheets or shredded newspaper. This goes into the space between the 2 containers.
  • Floor/bedding: Can be an old towel or sheet.
  • Platform: You have to keep the shelter from contacting the cold and wet ground. It can be a carpet remnant, scrap wood, an old mat, or even 4 evenly sized flat stones for the corners.
  • Duct Tape, 1-2 rolls

You Can Get Little Food Dishes For The Shelters Right Here

The Basic Method-DIY Cat Shelter

  1. Cut a cat sized opening in the side of both containers. Also, make sure they line up.
  2. Secure the two containers together at the entrance with duct tape. Additionally, reinforce the entire entry with the duct tape also.
  3. Stuff insulation into the spaces surrounding the containers.
  4. The bedding goes inside the smaller container and seal it closed. After that, seal the larger container closed.

In addition, check out this video above for visual instructions:

Thanks to What We Made for Sharing This Excellent Video and Method!

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